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Posted: 9/6/2004 8:59:28 PM EDT
I've seen 7 mile range pop up in quite a few threads- where is this range located?
Link Posted: 9/7/2004 2:42:24 AM EDT
I'd like to know too please
Link Posted: 9/7/2004 7:22:40 AM EDT
It's up near Milwaukee. I think you have to be a member.............

Batch ?? What say you ?
Link Posted: 9/7/2004 8:22:06 PM EDT
Heres the scoop....

It is located off of 7 mile rd in Wisc. Racine county. About 30min north of the border off 94. It is a private range. You have to be sponsered to get in. You have to put in 100hrs in 3yrs. Donated time to cleaning, picking up brass, cutting grass etc...

They have a 500yd , 600yd, 100yd, 25 meter, 25 meter, place to shoot clays, archery etc...

I would be more than willing to let some of you come out and take a look, shoot for a day and see if it is something you might like to join. I will even bring some full auto fun, you bring the ammo. lol

If you need more info feel free to email me. I hope this helps

Link Posted: 9/7/2004 8:24:04 PM EDT
I forgot to also mention, you can prett much fire anything there but 50 BMG's, you can use explosives, smoke grenades, tannerite, flashbangs, tactical training is good too, move and shoots are also good on the 25 meter.

Link Posted: 9/8/2004 11:58:07 AM EDT
I'd really love to join, I am literally half an hour away. I am also a Carpenter, a good Carpenter. I'd be happy to build whatever they needed in exchange for a place to shoot half an hour from my driveway. If anyone knows if there is a way I could sign up, please let me know. I am a member at Sycamore Sportsmen's Club but it's kinda far. Thanks.
Link Posted: 9/8/2004 7:47:38 PM EDT

No problem on becoming a member there. I could sponsor you as soon as I get all my hrs in, if not I have a couple other guys who could do it. Email me and maybe we could hook up and I could take you out there. the range is open 24/7. Talk to you soon,

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