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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 11/5/2003 3:26:18 AM EST
The First Annual George W. Travis Memorial 3-Gun Tactical Match will be held in Lake City, Florida on Saturday, 20 December 2003. The match is being sponsored by AAI and hosted by the Lake City Community College Foundation and proceeds will establish a scholarship for cancer survivors and victim's immediate family members along with benefiting cancer research.

The match will consist of 2 handgun stages, 2 shotgun stages and 2 carbine stages. Each stage will feature a variety of reactive targets and will be scored by time and rounds fired. Cost is $30. Sponsorships are available starting at $50.

For registration information, email adler@dedicated-professionals.com or go to www.Dedicated-Professionals.com
Link Posted: 11/5/2003 6:45:54 AM EST
Good cause, count me in!

Link Posted: 11/5/2003 10:50:52 AM EST
I'll know my work schedule in a few weeks. If I'm off, I'll most likely attend. Sounds like a good time.

Link Posted: 11/5/2003 12:15:13 PM EST
I'm ALL over this rain or shine.

3 gun X 2 stages each = 2 much fun
Link Posted: 11/5/2003 12:29:15 PM EST
Even if it rains there's plenty of shelter around!
Link Posted: 11/5/2003 1:50:02 PM EST
Gonna try and be there myself.
Link Posted: 11/5/2003 4:39:00 PM EST

Originally Posted By DedicatedPro:
Even if it rains there's plenty of shelter around!

The CC Range is great range, perfect for a tactical match.

Link Posted: 11/11/2003 3:26:57 PM EST
I intend to be there.
Link Posted: 11/12/2003 2:44:41 AM EST

Originally Posted By CS223:
I intend to be there.

Well Boys, there goes any chance of placing in the shotgun course of fire.


Link Posted: 11/12/2003 11:05:36 AM EST

Originally Posted By Dirk_Pitt:

Originally Posted By CS223:
I intend to be there.

Well Boys, there goes any chance of placing in the shotgun course of fire.


Oh ye of little faith.
Link Posted: 11/12/2003 12:10:16 PM EST
Excellent idea! While there are tentative COFs for the different stages, we are open to suggestions. Keep the ideas coming in. We still have over a month before the shoot!
Link Posted: 11/13/2003 6:34:33 PM EST
[Last Edit: 11/13/2003 6:35:31 PM EST by Neeglik]
I may be off base on this one, but do any 3-gun matches ever have any kind of transition course? In other words, you set up two series of targets on the same CoF...we'll call one set A and the other B. The A targets are taken down with the carbine/rifle/shotgun, then the B are taken with handgun. This is ONE course of fire. You have to transition from carbine/rifle/shotgun to handgun mutiple times as you move through the CoF.

Personally, I'd get more out of that than doing 3 separate courses (or maybe keep them separate and do a 4th CoF as well). It might add a little something extra to the speed demon shotgunners out there. Even up the playing field a little so to speak.

Just a thought from a sleepy guy about to go to bed....


ps. I should know my December schedule by the middle of next week. I'm hoping I can make this match. Sounds like a good one.
Link Posted: 11/20/2003 5:06:11 PM EST
I have to work that weekend. I was hoping to redeem myself on the shotgun portion of the match after the poor showing I had at the Oct FDCC 3 gun match.
Link Posted: 11/26/2003 10:04:22 AM EST
[Last Edit: 11/26/2003 10:09:09 AM EST by ALAN308]
Originally Posted By Neeglik:
I may be off base on this one, but do any 3-gun matches ever have any kind of transition course? In other words, you set up two series of targets on the same CoF...we'll call one set A and the other B. The A targets are taken down with the carbine/rifle/shotgun, then the B are taken with handgun. This is ONE course of fire. You have to transition from carbine/rifle/shotgun to handgun mutiple times as you move through the CoF.

Problems occur with transition to a second weapon. First weapon is not cleared, range is not safe. With enough room, this can be dealt with. There must be 2 ro's and again, enough space.

Any oppertunity to shoot, especially 3 gun, is a bonus indeed. I do not get that far north but will try to attend this event.
Link Posted: 11/26/2003 1:38:01 PM EST
The match is going to be held at a different location as LCCC has had a recent policy change stating that civilians cannot use their range.

The match is going to be held at the Eagle's Nest Preserve where FDCC had the October shoot. We have three sponsors on board already and are looking for more as we need to do some work to the berm for safety measures as we intend to run concurrent stages on the side berms.

Sponsorships are as follows: Co-sponsor = $50 and will have a listing in the event program and participation for one shooter, Sponsor = $100 and will have a listing in the event program, a link on our website and a table to showcase their goods and services and participation for one shooter and Executive Sponsor = $500 which will be listed as a co-host of the event, website link, special listing in the event program, table for goods and services and participation for 5 shooters.

Arrangements have been made for the proceeds to go to the American Cancer Society.

We have some great stages planned for this event that can't be beat for the price and the fact that it's for charity!

Link Posted: 12/8/2003 6:35:27 AM EST
Cant wait guys and gals just one thing directions? TY
Link Posted: 12/8/2003 6:52:17 AM EST
[Last Edit: 12/8/2003 6:53:29 AM EST by PowershipMC]
Is pre-registration required or can we pay the day of the match?
Link Posted: 12/8/2003 7:19:53 AM EST
Shooters can pay at the match but we would like for the registrations to be received by this Friday (12/12/03) so that we can prepare logistically as to the approximate number of participants that we will have for the event.

Sponsors need to pay by this Friday to be listed in the event program.

Link Posted: 12/8/2003 8:49:45 AM EST
In reference to safety concerns for my post. I think that the potential problem could easily be remedied. Simply load x number of rounds into primary weapon, where x = minimum number of rounds needed. This way, when your primary goes dry is when you transition. You can finish off the rest of the targets in that section, re-holster and reload primary before moving from cover and engaging next series of targets.

BTW, whose rules are those that you're using, IDPA? Just curious.

Link Posted: 12/9/2003 2:05:37 AM EST
Good idea for the transition. A couple of things regarding the reasoning: It was mentioned that the pumpers don't have a chance against the autoloaders. That's not necessarily true. I have seen guys that can shoot a pump faster than some can shoot an auto. We will try to make the stages fair for everybody by throwing in some mandatory reloads and maybe a transition. Keep in mind the reason that you are participating. Everyone has different reasons. If you are wanting to "win" the competition, either practice more with what you got and get better, or get a second job and buy the more expensive tricked-out, high capacity autoloader. If you are participating to hone your combat skills for when the balloon goes up, get your mind right and shoot the stages as tactically sound as you possibly can. If you are going to have fun and enjoy the fact that you doing something that you enjoy and benefiting a worthwhile charity, then don't worry about who's was bigger, faster and better. It's all good!

The rules are: THERE ARE NONE! (just joking)

The only penalties will be if a target is left standing and if a shooter does something unsafe such as muzzle someone or something that they should'nt or have a negligent discharge either of which will result in that shooter sitting out for the rest of the day. We won't add time for not using cover (even though we should use cover when available) but we will add 5 seconds for not conducting a mandatory reload or transition if required.

I have not yet submitted the COFs to Dirk yet as I am having some logistical problems that we be remedied by tomorrow.

Keep the questions, comments and ideas coming!
Link Posted: 12/9/2003 7:17:55 AM EST
Russ is this shoot going to be held at the range that we shot in October?
Link Posted: 12/11/2003 4:44:48 AM EST
I see it is duhhh read you big dummy lol. Hope to see all you guys there I am getting ready now .
Link Posted: 12/11/2003 5:32:41 PM EST
What time do we need to be there?

Directions ie map etc. All site is says is .8 mile north of 10 on 441. Will there be signs.

How many rounds of each do we need to bring.
Buckshot, slugs, pistol, rifle.

Link Posted: 12/12/2003 6:07:38 AM EST
Sorry about the delay in responding to the inquiries. We had some minor logistical problems to take care of before we made the final arrangements on the event.

We have secured a larger and more secluded piece of property for the range that is exactly 4 miles north of I-10 on Highway 441. There will be a sign at the driveway. This will be a more suitable location for the event and future ones as there aren't any neighbors in the immediate area and it is a larger parcel (150 acres as opposed to 32).

Those of you coming from Jacksonville, Tallahassee, Gainesville, Ocala, etc., Get on I-10 and take it toward Lake City and get off at Exit # 303 (Highway 441 [not "41"]) and proceed North exactly 4 miles. The driveway is on the East side of the highway approximately 100 yards north of Hunt Ln (East ) and Mershon Rd (West ).

Late Registration and Match assignments will start at approximately 8am, Safety Briefing and Stage Walk-Throughs will start at approximately 830am and match commencement will be at 9am.

We have 15 completed registrations that we have received so far. While we don't mind taking payment and late registrations at the gate, we would like to be able to get as accurate a count as possible so that we know how many programs and t-shirts to print, as well as food and drinks. If you don't have a form to complete, and you intend to come, send me an email or give me a call!

Sorry about the long post but I also wanted to add that as we are celebrating the holidays, please remember the "Reason for the Season" and be mindful of why we are presenting this match. ALL of the proceeds for this match are going to the American Cancer Society for cancer research and other means to benefit those who have been stricken by this awful plague(some who bring it on themselves and others from unfortunate circumstances). While the stages that we are planning will be challenging and fun with great fellowship and comraderie, by participating, you are helping a greater cause and my family and I appreciate your participation!
Link Posted: 12/14/2003 2:22:36 PM EST
Again How many rounds of pistol, shotgun, shot/slug, rifle. Estimate please

How much distant will be using the rifles at. 100, 200 yards or more?

Are you going to run class's like limited, unlimited, major minor Caliber.

The web site has no description that I can find. I'm planning on coming but I want to what to bring and how to set my gear up.

Link Posted: 12/15/2003 6:52:07 AM EST
I was told today, this morning that the 3 gun shoot will be at Gateway gun club in Jacksonville, now I hope everyone knows soon. Russ is this true , Chris told me this morning . Just putting a heads up on the subject.
Link Posted: 12/15/2003 7:02:14 AM EST
[Last Edit: 12/15/2003 7:06:49 AM EST by PowershipMC]
Its true. I received this email from Russ This morning :


Congratulations to our "Dedicated Professionals" in Iraq for the Capture of Sadaam! Godspeed and God Bless!

We'd like to extend our deepest appreciation to the Gateway Rifle and Pistol Club in Jacksonville for the last-minute come-through in Hosting the George W. Travis Memorial 3-Gun Tactical Match this coming weekend (12/20/03).

We are still accepting registrations and sponsorships. Set-up will begin at 7am and late registrations will begin at 8am with the safety briefing and walk-throughs immediately following at approximately 830am. Match commencement will be at 9am.

The rules are simple. Each stage will be scored by time and round count as all of the targets are reactive. There will be 2 stages for each weapon.

For directions to the range, go to the GRPC website at www.grpc-jax.org.

This is a CHARITY event with the proceeds going to the AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY. Bruce Wells from GRPC suggested that shooters solicit personal sponsorships for the benefit as well much like what is done at "walk-a-thons" and such. I think that this is a fantastic idea! If you or anyone that you know might be interested in this worthwhile event, please don't hesitate to contact me for more info!

Russ Adler
Executive Director

Link Posted: 12/15/2003 1:59:19 PM EST
To make this the best event possible, I opted to go with Gateway who graciously is allowing this event to be held at their facility at no charge. We will be setting up stages on 5 different bays. The round count is up to the individual. There will be between 5 and 15 targets on each stage and you should dictate your rounds according to your ability. Handgun stages will be shot from 5 - 15 yards, shotgun from 5 - 25 yards and carbine from 5 - 50 yards. Birdshot or buckshot for the shotgun and standard ammo for the carbines and pistols.

Sorry about the change in range on such short notice, but the majority of shooters are from that area and there were some unforeseen circumstances that dictated as well. If there are any further questions, keep 'em coming!
Link Posted: 12/15/2003 3:23:28 PM EST
I'll be there.
Link Posted: 12/15/2003 4:28:35 PM EST
ME TOO Russ.
Link Posted: 12/16/2003 3:28:58 AM EST

Originally Posted By DedicatedPro:
The round count is up to the individual. There will be between 5 and 15 targets on each stage and you should dictate your rounds according to your ability.

I think there should be a Required amount of hits per target, at least 2 for any paper targets and 1 for any reactive target.
Link Posted: 12/16/2003 1:03:29 PM EST
Are you really going to start at 9:00am ????

SEPSA always says that but are lucky to get started by 10AM!!!!!!

My problem is that is already a two hour drive.
Link Posted: 12/16/2003 1:19:47 PM EST
Regarding the round count, ALL of the targets are reactive. Shoot them until they fall down. They are somewhat deceptive as they are 4" x 15" cylinders with cross bars to hang clothing from so you will not see the dimensions.

Regarding the time. There are a few of us that are going to start setting up at 730am and will hopefully be done by 9am to start the match.

Being that there will be 5 bays going at the same time, I don't think that it will be an all day event. If anyone is traveling from a great distance, let us know when you get there and we will put you at the front of the line.
Link Posted: 12/18/2003 10:34:52 AM EST
Any ideas on how long the match will last?

I have some plans early afternoon(3:00PM), just wondering if I'll be able to attend.

Link Posted: 12/19/2003 2:08:09 AM EST
Souldn't be any more than half a day as we will be running between 3 and 5 scenarios at a time.
Link Posted: 12/19/2003 7:39:11 PM EST
Be safe out there everyone! I wish I was going
Link Posted: 12/20/2003 1:55:51 PM EST
I have posted a few pics HERE
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