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Posted: 3/27/2009 4:40:45 PM EDT

The Illinois State Rifle Association would like to thank the many hundreds of freedom-lovers who called in to the Milt Rosenberg show on WGN AM 720 Thursday night. Despite Rosenberg's best efforts to squelch your voice, your persistence paid off as you proclaimed loudly, ?. . .the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.?

For those of you who were not able to listen in on Rosenberg's internet radio show (www.wgnradio.com), you missed Dennis Hennigan at his best. Hennigan, who serves as the director of the Brady Campaign (formerly Million Mom March, formerly The Bell Campaign, formerly Hand Gun Control Incorporated) used the 2-hour radio show as a platform for spewing his organization's hallmark lies about guns, violent crime, and lawful gun owners.

Here are some of the things we heard, and didn't hear. . .

We heard Hennigan claim that his organization does not support gun bans. What we didn't hear was Hennigan explain why his organization supports legislation that would effectively make private firearm ownership a thing of the past.

We heard Hennigan claim that only very few citizens support concealed carry laws and that the only reason most states have concealed carry laws is because the NRA is effective at bullying legislators. What we didn't hear from Hennigan was an explanation as to why angry voters in 48 states have not risen up and repealed these ?unpopular? concealed carry laws.

We heard Hennigan claim that Justice Scalia was confused in his interpretation of the Constitution, the Second Amendment, the Federalist Papers, and judicial precedent when he ruled in favor of Heller. What we didn't hear from Hennigan was an explanation as to why he, himself, isn't sitting on the Supreme Court if he is so smart.

We heard Hennigan assert over and over that lawful gun owners bear the responsibility of keeping guns out of the hands of violent criminals. What we didn't hear from Hennigan was a proposal to keep violent criminals in jail ? where they belong.

We Heard Hennigan claim that American gun owners are responsible for the drug wars in Mexico because ?lax? American gun laws flood Mexican streets with weapons. What we didn't hear from Hennigan was a call for the Mexican government to stop flooding American streets with drugs, gangbangers, murderers, robbers and rapists.

We heard Hennigan claim that over 80% of American gun owners actually support the Brady Campaign's agenda of gun bans, licensing and registration. What we didn't hear from Hennigan was an explanation as to why people continue to buy guns and an explanation as to why gun owners are not packing gun turn in days in order to get rid of their guns.

We heard Hennigan claim that the NRA and the ISRA do not represent American gun owners. What we didn't hear from Hennigan was an explanation as to why his organization doesn't have 4 million members.

And, let us not forget the show's host, Milt Rosenberg.

Poor Milt took time out after the first hour of the show to let us all know how incensed he was that the Illinois State Rifle Association dared to mount a call-in campaign in defense of our Constitution. Rosenberg declared that he found gun owners to be ?laughable? and essentially painted us all as being a bunch of knuckle-dragging oafs. Well, if the good Dr. Rosenberg is so genteel, why did he find it necessary to call the ISRA office on Tuesday and go ballistic on our receptionist? Of course, don't expect an answer to that question from Rosenberg.

Thank you once again for your steadfast support for what is right.

Please help us out by distributing this alert to all your gun owning friends, your gun clubs, and any and all internet blogs or bulletin boards to which you belong.

If you like what the ISRA is doing, and would like to continue receiving these alerts, please consider going to our web site at www.isra.org and joining us.
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