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Posted: 2/25/2009 5:52:21 PM EDT
Link Posted: 2/25/2009 6:09:12 PM EDT
I've lived under a rock.
Link Posted: 2/25/2009 6:12:02 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 2/25/2009 6:12:32 PM EDT by DoberDude]
I know a guy who claims he met Ernest Borgnine at a gas station.

That is all.

ETA: Does the Ramster count?
Link Posted: 2/25/2009 6:23:22 PM EDT
I met the hot babes of Disney last time I took my kids there....about ten years ago. Kids got their autographs, I got to ogle cleavage. Sleeping Beauty, FTW.

Link Posted: 2/25/2009 6:36:08 PM EDT
Axel Rose, the cast of ALF, if anybody remembers that one.  Hmmm, some guy from Platoon, can't remember his name, had a bit part.  Anthony Perkins, and I think that covers it.  Grew up in LA
Link Posted: 2/25/2009 6:37:11 PM EDT
I look in the mirror everyday.
Link Posted: 2/25/2009 6:43:43 PM EDT
Link Posted: 2/25/2009 6:47:15 PM EDT
Will be leaving the house tomorrow.
Link Posted: 2/25/2009 6:49:28 PM EDT
Link Posted: 2/25/2009 6:50:43 PM EDT
Well I am not to sure I should tell this one as you may call me a raciest pig but that is not the intent... Just joking with a friend... and it was fucken funny... IF you where there

I use to work at a place in Anaheim California... Maybe you have heard of it... It's called Disneyland...

A friend of mine I work with, I'll call him Frank, was working in an area where they when doing some filming. Anytime they had a film crew there at the park there was a food tent/line in the area. You could tell by how big of a star was there by the type of food they had... The fancier/nicer the food the bigger the star. This day was on the nicer side of the food scale

They let of take want we wanted from the food line as we where more or less part of the "crew". Anyway Frank and I where at the end of the shift and he was going to take some food home with him. He get this plate and piles on food... I mean it was mound up... WAY UP... We got to the fruit tray... There was watermelon, grapes, pineapple, bananas and what not. Frank was stuffing bananas in his pockets because he had so much on this plate. He then walked past the watermelon... You see Frank is black... I could not resist... I yelled "Hey you forgot some watermelon" from up the way... At this very moment John Schneider (you know the dukes of hazard) walked around the conner. I just about shit a brick house... but then John Schneider said to Frank... "Man he's right you don't have any watermelon. You better put some on your plate" We all laughed even though I was about to shit.

Link Posted: 2/25/2009 6:52:13 PM EDT
Originally Posted By OdT:

Originally Posted By 1GUNRUNNER:
Will be leaving the house tomorrow.

Have gun, will travel.

Have mirror, will be impressed.
Link Posted: 2/25/2009 6:53:00 PM EDT
I met Victoria from Young and the Restless dont know her name cuz I was 8 years old
Link Posted: 2/25/2009 6:54:00 PM EDT
I met (and even got a couple of autographed movies/posters) Jessie Jane, Stoya & Riley Steel.  I even got an autographed movie that I don't have a player for damnit.
Link Posted: 2/25/2009 7:13:17 PM EDT
I remember seeing Shirley McLaine waiting for her luggage in an LA airport about 15 years ago.  I can tell you that up close and without all the makeup, she looked rode hard.
Link Posted: 2/25/2009 7:15:15 PM EDT
I saw the realtree guys with their camo cameras at an airport in Texas once. I talked to Launi Meili('92 olympic gold medalist) at a shooting camp I was at. I won the match at the end so I got to hold her gold medal and talked with her for a bit. Have met several other shooting medalists over the years as well.

I met Brooke and Hulk Hogan when they came to do an autograph signing at my store.
Link Posted: 2/25/2009 7:21:21 PM EDT
Link Posted: 2/25/2009 7:23:38 PM EDT
I met Jet Bush... After Katrina hit florida he did the whole trip around the state to see how people were doing... I bitched that the generators that usually cost 200 bucks were now at 900 dollars and that was bullshit... he laughed... I wanted to kick him in the balls...
Link Posted: 2/25/2009 7:25:02 PM EDT
I met the lady from the Duffle Bag commercial, you know the one where the two guys hide in the tent after hours so they can check out all the cool stuff... looking back on it she probably got recognized all the time so I shouldn't have said anything; especially since she got pissed off about it for god knows what might've been the millionth time she had to deal with that..

I've met and done work a few times for Sam Atkins, former Seahawk as well as owner of Hawk construction. That and his buddy Dave Wyman too. They both still hand out with Steve Raible, who'll pop in on their jobs and hang out for a bit when he's free.

there are others, like Patrick Stewart, Ricki Lake, and even fucking Gary Locke; but the weirdest was Shifty from Crazytown. Yup, before he was smoking crack on the rooftop of a rehab clinic holding a super big gulp and two hamsters in a cage as seen on "Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew", I ran into him after a concert in downtown Seattle. He was a cool guy–– barely over 5' tall but built like brick shithouse. Must've been lonely or something because we couldn't get rid of that guy with a jackhammer. -Nice guy though-
Link Posted: 2/25/2009 7:35:06 PM EDT
When I worked for a moving company, I used to work with Alonzo Mitz (former Seahawk defensive lineman).  Nice guy, never did figure out what the hell he was doing working for a moving company.
Link Posted: 2/25/2009 7:39:28 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 2/25/2009 7:43:20 PM EDT by EOP]
If I told them all I would look like a name dropper.

I used to work for a national radio show in L.A., flew down, set up, fixed things, hung out and did the show for weekends. Covered a couple of Oscar partiess at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Everybody was there.

Lots of them were on the show and I quite often got phone calls from "famous people" with tech questions.

Casting director for Harry Potter, and a million other movies, Dom Delouise, Fred Travelena, the list goes on.

I built a bar for Ryan Stiles at his home up in Bellingham.

Here are some pics of a few.

Me with Geargia Durante, Stuntlady and Kodak model from the earlier years

Richard Tyson, Shelley Berman and Matt Allan, I was behind the camera.

Artist Michael Godard and I after a night in Hollywood

My car that was in Tokyo Drift

They're years gone by. I still keep up with some of them but for the most part I think they would have just as soon not met me. Kind of like R32.

Link Posted: 2/25/2009 7:41:26 PM EDT
Once on a United Airlines flight from EWR-ORD, Jared S. Fogle (of Subway fame) sat in First class in the same airplane as me.

Then-Vice President elect / Senator Joe Biden visited Kirkuk Regional Air Base.  I was sick in quarters that day.

A couple of years ago, my wife & I were walking through Stanley Park in Vancouver, BC.  My wife got semi-excited and whispered to me, "OhmyGodthat'sSarahJessicaParkerandMatthewBro­derickrightthere!"  I of course, had to ask her to repeat that to me in slow and clear English.  When I comprehended, I said, "That's just swell", and kept on walking.  Their son was with them.

Back in 1998, USS Rodney M. Davis (FFG 60) just shifted homeport to Everett from Yokosuka, Japan.  A buddy & I were exploring the area via Everett Transit.  When we got off the bus at the Everett Mall, a NASCAR Craftsman truck got our attention in the Sears parking lot.  The hood was open and some guys were turning wrenches on it.  Bob Keselowski himself gave us those 8" X 10" promotional pictures of the truck.
Link Posted: 2/25/2009 7:43:59 PM EDT
Originally Posted By EOP:

My car that was in Tokyo Drift

Never would've guessed you'd have built up an S13! Very cool
Link Posted: 2/25/2009 7:48:05 PM EDT
I would but I have a few Confidentiality Agreements w/ them.
Link Posted: 2/25/2009 7:57:51 PM EDT

Anthony Hopkins and Dennis Hopper.
Link Posted: 2/25/2009 8:01:34 PM EDT
Originally Posted By bigscrun:
I would but I have a few Confidentiality Agreements w/ them.

I almost forgot!!!!!!

I've rubbed elbows with Bigscrun.........

One of the crew of the Cornelia Marie from Dangerous Catch on Discovery channel was in my store a couple months back. I also saw the guys from that casino reality show that was on a few years ago at a different hotel while I was in Vegas
Link Posted: 2/25/2009 8:09:32 PM EDT
Met Stallone and Banderis while they were filiming Assasins...........
Had Thanksgiving dinner with Colin Powell once.....


Lee Child.........

Dale Brown.......

Two years ago I hung out and ate cheese and drank wine with Stephen Coonts.....at the Future of Flight at Boeing.
Link Posted: 2/25/2009 8:11:12 PM EDT
Not anyone interesting.
Link Posted: 2/25/2009 8:17:23 PM EDT
Oh, and I met jonathon!

Link Posted: 2/25/2009 8:33:15 PM EDT
I use to own a body shop and we used DuPont paint. I got a free weekend trip to the Nascar race in Arizona, I got to meet and eat dinner with Jeff Gordon, Ken Schrieder, and Terry Labonte.  Then On race day I got to fly to the race track with Benny Parsons in a helicopter.

I think it was in 1996

Link Posted: 2/25/2009 9:06:57 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 2/25/2009 9:07:14 PM EDT by CrownAndSeven]
Working in Palm Desert, Ca I got to meet a lot of celebs who were in town for  various golf/tennis/chairty events...

Got to Met a guy named Joe...

MORE importantly I got to meet his wife Jennifer.... (WOW)

And a Couple TWINS... Honestly, in person...

This guy was BAD ASS... Friendly as hell, welcoming and in our restaurant almost nightly

The rest I've met were local (San Diego and Seattle) sports stars...  Steve Garvey, Tony Gwynn, Goose Gossage...

Meh.. They are just people.  Nothing that special.

Link Posted: 2/25/2009 9:16:58 PM EDT
In December of 2001 I got to escort Peter Meyhew (aka Chewbacca) around Seattle when he was up here for a public appearance.
Wearing Trooper Armor all day sucks! But that night at Poly Esthers were the actual appearence was he bought me a Jack and Coke.

He was a pretty friendly guy so long as you didn't pull the fan boy crap.

One time when I was thinning my collection of replica movie props I got an e-mail from Adam Savage of the "Mythbusters".
He was interested in some replica props that I had from the movie "A.I." as he appearently was on the effects crew.
Link Posted: 2/25/2009 9:21:30 PM EDT
MSG(Ret) Roy Benevides bought me a beer, at the VFW later named in his  in his presence and honor. A true American fighting man, I was honored to be in his presence.

I met, and drank with Metallica in Nuremburg Germany. NO Shit...there I was, a buddy who was a bouncer at he Green Goose called and told me "get me ass down there now, and grab anyone else who is in the barracks"...OK....So I grabbed 3 or 4 guys and we went. We get there  and he's clearing everyone out, but ushers us in....I'm confused, WTF? I turn towards the bar, and I recognize James Hetfield....Damn.

We drank MUCH that night.

There's more, but those are the two most notable....
Link Posted: 2/25/2009 9:21:35 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 2/26/2009 12:12:00 AM EDT by Matt45]

A picture to be blabbered about by a chairforce cableguy......

Link Posted: 2/25/2009 9:25:27 PM EDT
Matt45 got so excited over his story he hit submit x2!

Link Posted: 2/25/2009 9:29:01 PM EDT
Met Dick Marcinko once.

Would have liked to have grabbed a beer with him, but he was on a schedule.

Got some books signed though.
Link Posted: 2/25/2009 9:33:18 PM EDT
seen at various bars, restaurants and public places...early 90's in downtown seattle

eddie vedder....pearl jam singer...asshole, was rude as hell to the bartender

singer guy from R.E.M....can't remember his name...

singer from from soundgarden...chris something or other....nice guy...

sly stallone...when filming assasin....

gary payton and shawn kemp lived in the penthouse of the apt building i lived in downtown....met both a couple of times....payton, pleasant...kemp...pretencious fuck...

james earl jones...bumped into (literally) at QFC late one night in lower queen anne.....

lane staley lived in the apt above my buddy and his girlfriends house....asshole...

bill nye the science guy used to come to a bar i worked in and get hammered with various young slutty looking chicks....

johnny cash and his enterouge (sp?) came into a restaurant i worked at after a show he did and i was the busboy for his group.....he's the one i spoke to for a bit....really cool and down to earth....
Link Posted: 2/25/2009 9:33:38 PM EDT
Met Jon 'Maddog' Hall at LFNW a few years back (he's going to be there again this year BTW), talked to Tim Bray from Sun at OSCON last year –– he's got to be the highest energy person I've ever met. Talks non-stop and you've got to really concentrate to keep up. Nice guy.

I almost met Rush Limbaugh at the rally for John Carlson for Governor, but he split really fast after the show. This was right before the news about his hearing broke so I think he wanted to avoid the crowds. I was pretty disappointing though. Met Carlson and Medved at KVI events.

I've talked to Kirby Wilbur a few times and used to run kirbywilbur.info fan site. I warned him that he needed to register kirbywilbur.com, but it got domain-sqatted before he did anything.

Almost met Martin Short and Nick Nolte –– they were using my boss' place as a base for filming 3 Fugitives, but they had the road blocked so I didn't make it to work that day (I could have waited 30 minutes, but I was 19 and had better things to do).

Almost saw the filming of Goonies. Dad offered to take me and a friend down to Astoria to check it out but we declined (not sure why now, it would have been cool).

My sister used to work hotels in Idaho and Washington and ran into lots of big names. The only ones I remember are Carrie Fisher, who she said was a royal bitch and Ron Howard who was very nice to the staff.

So in other words, I haven't met many. I guess that's what happens when you work from your basement and don't get out much

Link Posted: 2/25/2009 10:26:51 PM EDT
Originally Posted By PatchO:
Met Stallone and Banderis while they were filiming Assasins...........

Traffic around the cemetary SUCKED when they werre shooting that scene.

Let's see:

Kate Mulgrew

Mark Allen Shepard

Hilarys Swanks brother, Dan, used to be my direct supervisor for 5 months. Really cool guy actually.

I'll probably remember more later, but it's not something I really keep track of. Usually when I see a celeb, I just wonder what reason brought 'em to wherever I'm at.
Link Posted: 2/25/2009 10:39:50 PM EDT
Originally Posted By EOP:
They're years gone by. I still keep up with some of them but for the most part I think they would have just as soon not met me. Kind of like R32.

You're the only Brother in Law I have...

I have learned to deal with it, Now act dignified...

Link Posted: 2/25/2009 10:42:18 PM EDT
I hung out with a playboy centerfold for a few nights...
Link Posted: 2/25/2009 10:56:14 PM EDT
Well, I got ta meet Mike Muir and that Trujillo guy when they played the Mothership in Fife, some years back.  A photographer I knew got us backstage.

Got ta briefly talk to Max Cavalera when Soulfly played at Dv8 in Seattle.  He's cool as hell.  Very cool show, small place, right up front.

Can't think of anyone really well known I've gotten ta talk to.
Link Posted: 2/25/2009 11:02:19 PM EDT
I once masturbated in a really swanky restaurant....oh, wait, wrong thread. Uh, Dixie Lee Ray, Pat O'Day, The Wailers, Robinson Devore, Darren McGavin, Al Pickles, Gary Larson, Charleton Heston, Silverio Cabellon, Dan Evans, J. P. Patches and Gertrude, and, my all time favorite, Moe Howard. I'm related to Froggy, one of the kids from the OUR GANG movies and Tyrone Power, an early proponent of the ghey pirate persona. A great uncle owned the ship used in the movie MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY. I once met his wife, who was a great thrower of Hollywood parties in the 30's. Oh, can't forget my uncle who was on local news one evening, yelling something like, "You'll never take me alive!" He robbed the Dufflebag store in Tacoma, too. My dad crewed with Connie Kalitta back in the 60's. Sorry for blathering on...I'm old, I'm allowed.
Link Posted: 2/25/2009 11:03:17 PM EDT
I forgot one.  I saw Bryan Suits at an appearance at Champion Arms in Kent.
I asked him about that golden "Beretta 92" that his doofus armorer posted on here.
That turned into a 45 minute "This is no shit. . ." story that had the store riveted on his every word.
Link Posted: 2/25/2009 11:04:56 PM EDT
I got to meet a race car driver and his trophy girl wife, they came out to buy a puppy, she (the puppy)
had to be a blue merle, so they could name her ..."INDY",  can't remember which driver it was now.

Have seen several of my dogs in tv commercials.

Have met Tiger Williams (hockey player)

and several others.
Link Posted: 2/25/2009 11:15:50 PM EDT
Dolf Lundgren ate at my Denny's one night.  Very cool guy.  He was visiting a friend at TESC
Downtown Freddy Brown was my boss for 3 years at Seafirst.  Decent guy, took critcism very well.

Other than that, I think my friends I've had have been way more interesting than any famous people I have met.
Link Posted: 2/25/2009 11:29:23 PM EDT
Gary Coleman scared me half to death at the San Diego Zoo.

I was in the man-eating deadly poisonous snake exhibit...one of those dark, cave-like tunnel deals with a glass wall.  I was leaning with one arm against the wall..forearm parallel to the ground... peering in at some venomous demon reptiles. Then suddenly something brushes the underside of my arm!! Of course I jump back a few feet and start looking for anti-venom. Turns out it was Gary Colemans afro––-as he was quickly prancing along next to the wall looking at the snakes and went right under my arm––-he must have been running on his toes. I figure he was 10 or 11 at the time. I had seen him and his little entourage about a half hour earlier.

Later that day, he stole my stapler.
(OK––I made that last part up)
Link Posted: 2/25/2009 11:35:53 PM EDT
Originally Posted By 007:
I hung out with a playboy centerfold for a few nights...

Originally Posted By bobbitybobbity:
I once masturbated in a really swanky restaurant....oh, wait, wrong thread. BLAH BLAH BLAH..... Sorry for blathering on...I'm old, I'm allowed.

For a second I thought I was reading another double post
Link Posted: 2/26/2009 12:16:33 AM EDT
I just remembered, I did get to meet and talk to Bob Bogle, the bass player for The Ventures. He was very cool.  Gave me an autographed CD, and played a message on his answering machine for me from Quentin Tarantinos secretary, about them doin' some music for Kill Bill.  So I knew about Kill Bill long before it was ever out.  Kinda cool.
Link Posted: 2/26/2009 12:16:51 AM EDT

Originally Posted By JS98010:

I forgot one. I saw Bryan Suits at an appearance at Champion Arms in Kent.

I asked him about that golden "Beretta 92" that his doofus armorer posted on here.

That turned into a 45 minute "This is no shit. . ." story that had the store riveted on his every word.

You're Right.

Holy Shit.

Link Posted: 2/26/2009 2:58:51 AM EDT
Does PCR count?

Doesn't matter, I've never met him anyways

I did get to hang out with AC/DC back in 01 when I was the grill chef at a restaurant they went to.  Apparently they were really happy with the food and wanted to meet us.  We didn't even know they were there until they asked to see us.  We ended up hanging out for a couple of hours after we closed.  Cool guys.  Definitely know how to party....and from the looks of them, they'd done a LOT.

Met Tiger woods at the Monday after the Masters tourny....along with a couple of other golfers.  

Grew up with former football lineman Terry Tosh as a family friend.  He was over to the house all the time...this was in Minnesota before he went to SF and won a superbowl with that Joe Montania guy.

Bill Yerkes.  He's the guy that pretty much invented solar power.  He built the panels that are still on the lunar rover and lander.

Mel Gibson.  He was in town while they were shooting the Patriot.  Super nice guy.  Had breakfast at the same place I did everyday.  We ended up sitting together at the bar a couple of times....that was the only place you could smoke.  He loves those Marlboro Reds!
Link Posted: 2/26/2009 5:01:21 AM EDT
Met tons of NASCAR drivers, at autograph sessions, Met Dale Earnhart at DEI in Kanapolis NC, that dude always smiled.

Most interaction was with John Wayne when he was here filming McQ. I was going to UW during the week but on weekends drove one of my dads cabs for pocket money.

Picked him up at the Olympic hotel. and spent the day at Longacers running bets for him. That fucker must have smoked 3 packs of Camel shorts in the 6 hours I was with him. He didn't talk much but boy when he did I listened.

BTW he asked me how much for the day, I told him $150, at the end of the day he gave me $250. He wanted to sit in the front of the cab. I drove out and back using my tip toes. He was a very large man.
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