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10/30/2020 2:42:12 PM
Posted: 12/18/2005 2:54:58 PM EST
The madness never ends...


Update December 15, 2005:

H.2125 has been sent back to committee, you may have read that it has been recommitted by the House and the Senate had concurred. This simply means that the bill needs to be reexamined, rewritten, and voted out of committee again before the House or Senate. Basically this means that the bill will not be up for a vote for a while.

At this time GOAL would like to remind our members to please register to vote if you have done so already and to contact your state legislators and ask them to support positive reform such as H.4552.

Early December 2005

If there is one bill this year that epitomizes a return to 1998 anti-civil rights thinking, H.2125 “An Act Relative to Controlling Firearms in the Commonwealth” is it. This bill, which was released favorably by the Joint Committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security, is a catch all of the worst of the worst. As released this bill would:

·        Mandated law-abiding citizens pay exorbitant costs to insure their legitimate property because of the failure of our society to punish criminals,

·        Place anti-civil rights person on the Gun Control Advisory Board,

·        Require exhaustive involuntary training,

·        Limits the number of firearms a lawfully licensed citizen can purchase,

·        Promote ineffective and restrictive anti-discharge devices,

·        Ban the sale, transfer or possession of so called “assault weapons”.

Generally speaking, this bill is simply a collection of useless restrictions on lawful gun owners. Keep in mind that the bill only had five sponsors out of two hundred legislators. This only goes to show that the majority of Massachusetts legislators have realized that the experiment of reducing crime by attacking the civil liberties of lawful citizens has failed miserably.

Since the passage of Chapter 180 of the Acts of 1998 licensed gun ownership has decreased by over 80% while gun related homicides and violent injuries have increased nearly 50%. An inexcusable ratio of failure that has given the state’s new gun laws the title of “Worst in the Nation”. Some are actually now referring to Chapter 180 as the “Crime Incentive Act”.  

With all of this in mind, it is important that our members don’t let bills like this distract them from focusing on our firearms law reform efforts. We have had some success in the past few years repairing significant parts of Ch. 180 and we cannot stop now. Please ask your legislator to support legislation that brings about positive reform rather than negative anti-civil rights nonsense. Focus on reform!


I  hope GOAL is right about this and not being too optimistical.  All the current anti-gun sentiment coming out of Meninos mouth and the local press will only help push this bill along... even if does nothing to solve the problem.
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