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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
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Link Posted: 5/17/2007 11:10:22 AM EDT

Originally Posted By theo3:
There is a tax on everything
wacko gun laws
property taxes thru the roof
alot of rude people
state full of libtards
coruption in state municipal govt.
crime rate high
starter homes start at 250,000 in a shit neiborhood
no place to hunt anymore

The day I retire I'm getting in the moving van.

Of course this is just my opinion

Yeah, what he said. I think most people who live in CT are here because their family is here. If i didnt have any I'd be outa here in a new york minute.

to the OP: It's gotta be a hella good job to move here, people are moving to AZ from CT, not the other way. I work at Bradley Airport as a aircraft mechanic, if that's the job. then your not going to make enough.

Link Posted: 5/18/2007 11:25:21 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 5/18/2007 11:33:53 AM EDT by bullyforyou]

well, i don't know if you've made your decision or not yet, but i'll put in my .02.

i livED in CT for 25 years. two years ago i packed up and left for maine and realized two things.

1) maine has a few problems too, and...

2) i will NEVER go back to CT.

i've had some serious job offers back there over the last couple years too. i won't even consider them.

CT has no choice as to which direction it is going in, as the state is sandwiched between some of the worst liberal strongholds, MA, RI, NY, and NJ. those states are what CT will be.

ask yourself this... would you want to live in NY, NJ, or MA? if the answer is "no", then i'd stay far away since current-day NY is what CT will be in 5 years.

as an aside, the process to get your pistol permit will be enough to send you packing to another state. while they may be a "shall issue" state, be prepared to be interviewed, fingerprinted, provide personal and professional references... it's *expensive* too.

ETA: let me add a few things now that i've read through this thread. some are saying that getting a pistol permit is easy. well, it was easier then, say, crapping out a cure for liberalism, but aside from that it was one of the biggetst circuses i've ever been involved with. buying an MG was easier there then getting my pistol permit, and the tax stamp cost less then the permit did too once you figure in your "firearms safety course" and whatnot.

also realize, you can't buy a pistol AT ALL without having a CCW. you can buy long-arms, but no handguns...

lastly, some areas are VERY rough. i lived in the aforementioned frog hollow area for nearly five years. bad.

Link Posted: 5/18/2007 7:27:53 PM EDT
I was born and raised here and with the exception of 5 years stationed overseas, I've lived here all my life.

That being said... I have FINALLY convinced my wife to pull chocks and get the hell out of this state !!! We are looking to relocate once my daughter graduates high school next June. This year is all about getting our home ready to sell and research our relocation options. Right now we're looking at AZ, NM, WY, ID and maybe norther NV. We may also look at MT but that's job dependent.

We have enough equity in our home to probably pay cash to build a house wherever we decide on and as an electrician/network tech, I doubt that I'll ever be out of work wherever we decide to go.

Unless the job offer is somthing awesome, includes your relocation costs and pays an outstanding salary. Make sure the salary includes the state income tax WITH the increase that our .gov is looking for this session.
Link Posted: 5/19/2007 3:42:56 PM EDT

Originally Posted By BOBK48:

Ct started going down hill in the 70s.


This is when it really started to become a suburb of NYC. (Fairfield county.)

Parts of Eastern PA are going this route now, too.

CT is a beautiful state though, I still miss it.
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