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Posted: 9/30/2004 10:58:13 AM EDT
I'm having trouble with my Colt Officer's model pistol. I frequently get a failure to feed. I think it could be the recoil spring. Brownells has several aftermarket recoil spring/guild rod assemblies that can be installed. Do any of you have experience with any of these aftermarket recoil spring/guild rod assemblies? Did they improve the function of your Colt Officer's model pistol?

Link Posted: 9/30/2004 11:14:28 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/30/2004 11:15:22 AM EDT by mr_wilson]
I have a Wilson recoil spring and guide rod assembly installed in my Compact which works quite well or more to the point 100% w/ any 45acp round HP, fmj or flat nose rounds.

It has been ramped and throated, which makes a big difference. (fwiw the compact is essentially the same as your Officers, a hair shorter in the barrel)

What brand/type/make of rounds are hangin up?

Has your pistol been ramped and throated?

What pound spring is in it? or is it the stock spring?

These answers will help others determine your diffraculty and allow them to trouble shoot better, so let them know......, I'll check back manjuana.


Link Posted: 9/30/2004 11:31:15 AM EDT
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Link Posted: 10/21/2004 5:08:32 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 10/21/2004 5:36:27 PM EDT by panzersergeant]
I had a local gunsmith install a Wilson Combat recoil rod and spring in my Officer. The Wilson kit comes with the rod, spring, bushing, and allen wrench to assemble the two-piece rod. There is some machining required which involves removing a small amount of metal from the bottom of the slide where the plunger ordinarily resides.

Long story short, the smith removed too much material and ended up fabricating a new bushing to make the one-piece rod work.

The gun functions satisactorily but you can see the dull silver bushing under the slide since he had to make it larger to compensate for removing too much metal from the slide.

He also machined the top of the slide to accept dovetail sights. That part came out okay.

Link Posted: 10/22/2004 1:34:21 PM EDT
dittos with panzersergeant.

only, no problems with my gunsmith. only thing i don't like is i need an allen wrench to field strip it now. just used to the gov't model i guess!

it was 100% with 230 gr fmj, remington golden saber, federal hydro's before the guide rod. mine was a result of the tab on the recoil spring breaking.

still runs like a champ. i like the wilson combat guide rod - thats what i had installed.
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