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Posted: 4/18/2008 8:11:50 PM EST
[Last Edit: 4/18/2008 8:13:54 PM EST by colt100]
Just got my new M&P 40 compact and shot it today for the first time. The gun shot well, when it didn't malfuction. It seemed like the slide was catching on something when loading the rounds, sometimes casuing the slide not to go fully into battery. A slap on the bottom of the mag would close the bolt and the pistol would fire. The mag was seated and it didn't happen every time. It seemed to happen when 3-4 rounds were fired out of mag when it did happen. Happened with all the mags the pistol came with. I may have not had enough lube on the 7 contact points but didn't really think that would matter. Maybe it does? Any other ideas on what may be causing this? It's not ammo either BTW

I also had the pistol rub a small amount of skin away from my right thumb near the joint nearest the hand. Never had a pistol do that before. This happened after about 100-200 rds fired. It kept rubbing on the area that was raw when the pistol recoiled, it was unplesant to shoot at that point. I have several other pistols and have never had this happen before.

I'm not trolling. I really like this pistol and hope to use it as a ccw gun but can't be doing it if it keeps malfunctioning. I cleaned it well tonight and am going to the range tomorrow, hopeing that with proper lubrication, it will cure the problems. Any idea on how to keep my hand from getting torn up while firing?

I do have to say that overall, if I can get the pistol to shoot 100%, I'm going to really like this pistol for CCW. I might just have to limit my practice to 100 rds to save my hands thought. Any ideas would be helpful. Thanks
Link Posted: 4/19/2008 12:28:03 PM EST
Well, I cleaned and lubed the handgun well after the range session yesterday and took the pistol out today. I had only two stoppages in about 200 rds and I believe that my thumb was hitting the slide stop during recoil. I changed my position of my finger and I didn't have any stoppages.

I put a bunch of tape on my hand where the pistol is rubbing and that seemed to help it not bite. It was sore from yesterday though. Still have to figure that one out.

I am learning to love this pistol and think that it will make an eccelent CCW weapon.
Link Posted: 4/19/2008 5:07:36 PM EST
well i'm glad you figured out what was going on with the stoppages. i've never had any malfunctions with my M&P9 fullsize, and i've got 1100 rounds through it in the 4 months i've had it. mine's never bit my thumb either, so i can't help you there. maybe your grip needs to be changed slightly.
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