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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 2/24/2006 2:42:28 AM EST
i bought a mkiii4 a few weeks ago and i was finally able to get to the range yesterday. i put 300 rounds through it--50 each of aguila super extra, pmc zapper, remington cyclone, remington green box, blazer, and federal champion. they all shot to about the same place--low left. so either the sights are off or i have a very regular flinch/other problem. i had 13 fte overall and 1 misfire but it fired when i rechambered it. i was rather annoyed by the number of fte--5 of which were with the pmc so i won't be using that anymore. i guess a lot of the problems may have been due to the pistol needing to "break in" and that reliability will improve. the federal seemed to have more flash and boom than the others except for the greenbox. they both seemed about equal but the greenbox gave me no fte issues while the federal only had one. i don't know if 50 rounds is really enough to make an adequate sample of each ammo type. but i am leaning towards using the federal because it isn't just a lead bullet but is copper plated. now i just wish which remington the greenbox was because it could either be "target" or "high velocity" but i suppose if i stick to the federal it won't matter much.

i have to say that i like the pistol. overall it was comfortable. there is a sharp spot on the plastic grips that i will have to sand down a bit. it was pleasant to shoot. getting used to how the mags load--pulling down on the button on the side of the mag. i am used to regular autos and just pushing down on the last round i put in. i do wish i had been able to afford one of the versions with adjustable sights but i figure for just general blasting and practice the fixed sights will suffice.
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