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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 9/25/2003 4:01:09 AM EST
You guys are my last hope. I have been searching it seems like forever for the right answers to two questions. Here goes:

I inherited a Colt Delta Elite 10mm, unfired, in a Colt presentation case. It is either silver or nickel plated I believe and is engraved with a leaf(?) pattern over about one fourth of the gun. The grips appear to be mother of pearl and the serial number is CDE-X. I don't know anything about this gun and would appreciate any information and thoughts as to value as I have been unable to find any.

I have a Colt Delta Force Match 10 pistol and I have been told on two seperate occasions that this Match variant commands a much higher price than the non-Match. Is this true? The serial number is MTEN2XX and it says Match 10 on the left of the slide.

Thank you very much for your help.

Here are pictures of the first gun:



Link Posted: 9/25/2003 5:00:13 AM EST
Looks like a "one of"...done as a one of a kind on special order...to me, but then I don't move in the sort of circles where this kind of stuff is seen much. I would contact Colt directly and see what they say. This gun is probably worth the $100 or so dollar fee they charge to research it and write you an official letter of documentation. Are the grips real or plastic? The black backing I see underneath them usually means plastic, but the light reflection in the bottom photo looks very much like the real thing. No other papers, boxes, etc. you can find? What did the person you inherited it from do? What special significance would he/she have placed on this gun?

More info would be interesting, but Colt is still your best source I think.

Navigate through as you see fit then contact the customer service guys to begin...you probably need the Custom Shop to get an accurate answer.

Link Posted: 9/25/2003 9:41:15 PM EST
Clearly you have a custom gun rather than a "commerative" issue one. Based on what you describe & pics, I'd say it's between $2k & $3k. Value will vary from region to region as well.

As for the Match, Blue Book doesn't list that description. It does have a Delta Gold Cup, SS & blued. SS were made from 1989-1993 & 1995-1996. Blued were made in 1991 only.

Value for the SS is $900 in 100%, $650 in 98%. Blued value is $775 in 100%, $600 in 98%. Both values are for Delta Gold Cup.

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