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Posted: 9/23/2006 4:40:42 AM EST
What is considered the best load (brand, model, weight, ect) for use in a 4 inch barrel autopistol? The use is self defense.

Thank you,

Link Posted: 9/23/2006 5:29:12 AM EST
[Last Edit: 9/23/2006 5:30:34 AM EST by plinkereye]
IMO, it would be Corbon Powerball(expensive)or QuikShot (cheap, adequate)135 gr - 155 gr JHP for defense and any 165 gr - 180 gr for target shooting, if your're not a reloader. I shoot brass so I can reload them again.
Link Posted: 9/23/2006 9:18:02 AM EST
Speer Gold Dots is always the right answer. For .40 I prefer the 165 grn.
Link Posted: 9/23/2006 6:31:10 PM EST
[Last Edit: 9/23/2006 6:32:07 PM EST by DoTheDietDew]
I prefer 165gr as well for self defense. i carry hornaday xtp's, but there are many out there that are perfectly fine for personal defense. remington golden sabers, speer gold dots, elderado starfires, winchester sxt's hydra-shocks. these are just a few, but you should really check out each of them, and see which ones you are more comfortable with, and which one feeds and shoots better in your gun, both recoil and accuracy wise!
Link Posted: 9/23/2006 8:01:17 PM EST
".40 S&W
-Winchester Ranger 180 gr JHP
-Winchester Ranger 165 gr JHP
-Speer Gold Dot 180 gr JHP
-Federal Tactical 180 gr JHP
-Remington Golden Saber 180 gr JHP

Speer Gold dots, Federal HSTs, and Win Ranger Ts get my vote
Link Posted: 9/23/2006 8:12:42 PM EST
155 gold dots or rangers The plain jain 180 is fine to.
Link Posted: 9/23/2006 8:16:04 PM EST
Ranger 180s are in my opinion (and the opinion of many others) the best.
I also think you can't go wrong with the 165 and 180 Gold Dots.

Link Posted: 9/23/2006 8:17:10 PM EST
Cor-Bon DPX

Winchester Ranger T

Speer Gold Dot

all good ammo. i have 180 gr. Rangers but i am going with the DPX asap.
Link Posted: 9/25/2006 2:22:50 PM EST
Federal HST 180gr.
Link Posted: 10/14/2006 7:47:45 AM EST
Win Ranger 165gr for me.
Link Posted: 10/15/2006 1:31:45 AM EST
golden saber 165gr here.
Link Posted: 10/18/2006 4:07:05 PM EST

Originally Posted By viscid240:
golden saber 165gr here.

+1 I used them in a police action shooting about a year and a half ago. Fired from a Glock 23 (approx 4 inch barrel)

They performed perfectly. The only thing that may talk me out of them is the new Bonded Golden Sabers.

Gold Dot and Corbon will perform well also but I stick to the 155-165gr stuff only..!

Ultimately where you hit them is far more important than what you hit them with.
Link Posted: 10/29/2006 4:19:00 PM EST
Hornaday xtp's in the 155gr offering. they are accurate in my xd and kahr k-40 and are very managable recoil wise.
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