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Posted: 1/25/2011 7:40:31 PM EDT
Looking at picking up a Judge in the near future, probably the .410 version.

But not sure which .410 model as I think there are a few of them? I'm a bit confused what the difference between all of the models are, does anyone have a bit more info or suggestions?

Link Posted: 1/26/2011 3:30:14 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 1/26/2011 3:31:34 AM EDT by JohnnyScience]
Ok after doing some more research, I would want to go with the 3" barrel version.

But I see they sell it in two different chambers, their normal 2.5" chamber & the "Magnum" version that has a 3" chamber

Now I assume this 3" chamber can fire the 2.5" rounds correct?

If thats the case I would probably opt to go with the 3" chamber to have it be the most versatile & devastating ;)

How do you guys think this compares to the new S&W Governor? I dont think that S&W offers it in a 3" chamber like Taurus does though, someone please correct me if I'm wrong. Any idea if they plan on offering it in the near future? I may just hold out for the S&W over the Taurus if that was the case...

Link Posted: 1/26/2011 9:01:28 PM EDT
The 3" cylinder can shoot both 3" shells and/or the 2.5" shells. I have the public defender version, personally barrel length is going to make no difference, the shot spreads out so fast do to the rifling you don't gain much by going with the 3" barrel other than being hard to carry. The public defender 2" barrel 2.5" cylinder, even with a smaller grip and lighter weight is very easy to control. As far as the 3" shells go no one makes a good self defense round in 3" shell. It has been shown conclusively that lead shot does not penetrate enough, and often flattens going down barrel and is there for not effective for self defense. The 2 defense specific shells available are the Federal 000 buck that uses 4 plated balls, and powder designed for the short barrel of the Judge, and the other is the Winchester 3 plated disks, and BB shot also has a fast burn powder for the short barrel of the judge. The other downside to the 3" cylinder is it makes the 45LC even less accurate than out of the 2.5" cylinder, and even out of the 2.5" cylinder the 45LC is not a tack driver. The problem comes from the fact that there is so much cylinder before it picks up the rifling. IMO I would go with the Public defender if you plan to carry it at all. There are a lot of Judge haters out there so be prepared. As a snake gun barrel length and cylinder length are not going to make any difference.
Link Posted: 1/27/2011 1:47:05 AM EDT
Yeah this would be a self defense inside of the home type of weapon, but also out in the wild for snakes or small animals (Hell even shooting a large, charging pig in the face with this thing is going to stop it)

So 2.5" it is with the shorter barrel of 2"

And this model is called the Public Defender? I know there are like 6 different models, so it gets confusing. Is there another in the series that compares to the Public Defender?

What is everyones thoughts on the S&W Governor then? That one is a 2.5" and is back in the game again. I think its more expensive... but its S&W, much better quality. And frankly I'm alright with Taurus.

Is the new S&W Governor a larger weapon in the hand compared to this Public defender line?
Link Posted: 1/30/2011 4:53:51 PM EDT
The public defender is the one you want, that is the model, there are about 4 different versions, there is the SS which is what I have because it was the first one I saw, then the blued, then there is a blued one with a titanium cylinder to cut down on weight (although not by much so not really worth it) and the there is now a polymer version, I like the weight of the polymer version myself, much lighter, and I believe it has a full hammer rather than the bobbed hammer mine has which would also be nice.
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