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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 2/19/2006 2:35:35 PM EST
[Last Edit: 2/19/2006 4:41:45 PM EST by tom1000rr]
Ok, this is a multi part question dealing with what to buy with my tax return. I wanted another AR, but since that idea I have made all arangemnts to get my CC permit. So, I will be needing a CCW, I have a Glock 23 and like the .40 but want a sub compact. I was thinking a Glock 27, just to keep ammo stocking easier, Or maybe the slimline Glock .45, but I just handled a Para Ordnance "Warthog" and holy shit do I want one! Ive also considered selling my Glock 23 to help get close to buying both the AR, and the Warthog, but its the first handgun I bought and I really really like it. I also thought about just getting the AR and trying to get a holster that will hide the Glock 23, my problem is the grip prints really bad when I bend over, which is why I want a subcompact so much--Im real skinny. Thoughts
Link Posted: 2/19/2006 5:19:03 PM EST
Ok......45 it is !!
Link Posted: 2/19/2006 5:32:25 PM EST
I would say get a quality hoslter and belt and you should have no problem carrying the 23.
Take a look at the Milt Sparks VM2 or the Mitch Rosen ARG if you want a good quality holster.
Many people like the beltmans belts. I prefer Roesen's belts but they more than twice the price.

I carry two clock 19's all day everyday and i have no problem concealing them. I had a 26(same size as a 27) and it didn't conceal anymore than the 19.
Also as far as subcompacts are concerned i don't like them at all.
The glock 26 i had was not reliable under stress fire conditions. i train quite often and many other guys i have trained with all had negative things to say about the subcompact glock.
Link Posted: 2/19/2006 6:30:24 PM EST
[Last Edit: 2/19/2006 6:40:43 PM EST by tom1000rr]
Thank you for the help, I like the 23 TONS, but I cant seem to hide it, I will look into those holsters. My other issue is I have a pretty bad scar on my right side that even hurts when wearing a holster outside the waistband. I dont like the small of back setups , and Im right handed so I feel kinda screwed.Anyone else got their .02?
Link Posted: 2/20/2006 6:58:44 AM EST
If strong side IWB doesn't work for you, you could look into belly bands or other alternative methods of concealment. I personally dislike the "thunderwear / smartcarry" style and the ankle is too far away for me.

Also consider pocket carry.

TBH all forms of carry are uncomfortable until you get used to it. Like the other poster said, get a good belt and holster and you might be surprised. I recommend the Sparks VM-2 and Sparks Watch Six. The WS is slightly more comfortable but the VM-2 is my all around favorite holster. I also have one of his gun belts.
Link Posted: 2/20/2006 8:10:59 AM EST
If you've got that bad of a scar that a holster hurts to wear it then ditch the idea of a new auto and get a J frame snubby for pocket carry. A good S&W 642 in your pocket or even ankle is what I recommend. Heck one in the pocket and one on the ankle sounds even better.
Link Posted: 2/20/2006 8:56:34 AM EST
Wheel gun eh...hmm I like that idea.
Link Posted: 2/20/2006 1:44:09 PM EST
[Last Edit: 2/20/2006 1:44:27 PM EST by VBC]
Look into Kahr PM9 or MK9 too.

Personally, I think they got everybody beat if you want a real small gun with firepower and shootability.
Link Posted: 2/20/2006 6:58:09 PM EST
I would suggest carring more than one gun because "two is one and one is none"!

A Kel-tec P32 or PA3T (380) would be a good bug or the SW J-frame. For the main gun, look around and choose one that is 100% reliable and points naturally for you.

Note: Some times I carry 3.
Link Posted: 2/21/2006 9:18:39 AM EST

Originally Posted By PrivatePile:
Also as far as subcompacts are concerned i don't like them at all.
The glock 26 i had was not reliable under stress fire conditions. i train quite often and many other guys i have trained with all had negative things to say about the subcompact glock.

Care to explain what is not reliable?

Private, I have a G27 and really like it. I have trained with it a lot and never really liked the grip. So, I took a bench grinder and ground off the finger grooves, then used emry cloth to clean it up a bit.

I have big hands and the finger grooves messed me up really bad. Since I have done this it has worked fine and the grip feels larger in my hand.

It is ironic how many people can be on the complete other side of the fence as you, cause most the guys I train with like the sub compact Glocks. One guy even carries his on duty (with 15 round mag)

Not trying to pick a fight, if you have found something that is not reliabe that I haven't 'found yet,' it may help me down the road.
Link Posted: 2/21/2006 4:43:09 PM EST

Here's my issue with the subcompact glock.
I had numerous FTF's and FTE's with the 26. I found that unless I had a perfect grip on it I would encounter these failures. Some people told me I was limpwristing it and i need to have a better grip. Now here's the problem if i am ever in a situation that i ever need to draw one of my weapons how can i say for sure that my hands will be in good shape by the time i am able to get to a weapon. My weapon needs to fire regardless of whether or not I have a perfect grip on it. Other guys I train with had the same experiences. We don't just go to the range and put some rounds through our weapons. We try to make every round count. One guy had broken his ring and pinky finger with damage done to a few of his knuckles as well and decided to train. He had issues with the 26 but didn't have any isssues his 19 or another guys 17. Allthough he was in some serious pain for a while after it9 his hand looked like it had been slammed in a door. He told me if i ever was injured like that I should definatley get out and try to put some rounds down range

This is why I carry 2 Glock 19's all the time. it doesn't matter how weak my grip is on them they just RUN!
I have 2 pairs of 19's so that when i go to the range and train i always have two clean weapons to carry. When i find something that works for me i stick with it.

Link Posted: 2/23/2006 6:33:23 PM EST
I have a G23 that i carried for 3 years with no problems concealing. I switched to a G26 just because i shoot it better. Someone explain that one.
Link Posted: 2/25/2006 1:46:01 PM EST
Here is a link to Crossbreed Holsters:


I just received mine in the mail and I like it! I carry a 9mm Baby Desert Eagle, 10 shot double-stacked mag... it conceals well when I have a shirt over it. I am 5'10" and 270 lbs so I'm on the fat side of the wall, and many times, a hanging shirt just doesn't cover a gun on me. But this Crossbreed holster seems to do the trick.

Out of the box, it looks pretty cheaply made, but after wearing it 2-3 weeks I like it a lot!
Link Posted: 2/25/2006 7:32:50 PM EST
Get a Kel Tec SUB 2000 in .40cal. It will take your Glock mags already, and can be had for <$250.
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