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Posted: 1/26/2002 8:53:29 PM EDT
Just asking because where I live it's kinda tough. Cost wise it's a $200 permit fee, $25 fingerprinting fee. Notarized and signed statements from Four non-family/ non-law enforcement (residence of the same county) stating that I am of good moral character, and have good values. Four finger print cards, and Four passport size photographs. This is not a carry permit either, This permit is only good for carry to and from hunting/target range.
If I want to purchase a handgun I have to go to Police headquarters, get a permission slip, have the dealer fill out the slip with make model and ser# and return it to Police H.Q. Then I can purchase the handgun, bring it to Police H.Q. and show them that it is infact the pistol on my permission slip.
The pistol gets registered on the permit, and once a year I have to show the Police that I still own the Pistol. Seems like a lot of B.S.
Anyone have to do anything close to this?

PS. Permit is only good for 3 years then it's another $200.
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They(police) have their own reasons to do that and some like some don't but anyway. In PA. I just bought one last Xmas and all they did was run my ID# and SS# thru the FED with the gun model and within 30min, I walked out the door with a new gun, cost me $5 to run the Fed instance check, I asked the sale guy what if the Fed found out that I have somekind of criminal records and he said Cops will be at their store and will escort me out, they did not say where.
It's also cost me $32 to apply a carry permit at Sheriff Dept. it's took approx 30days (30-45days) from the time I filled out to the time it arrived and in my wallet.
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Last time I bought a gun (two months ago) it took about 5 minutes for the store owner to do the NICS check, and I was done. No problems whatsoever.
As for CCW, I paid only $12 for my last one, but I've heard it's up to $19 now. I'll find out in March when I renew. Nice thing about Pa. is you don't need any classes or any of that stuff. If you have a clean record and want one, you can easily get one. Also, Pa. is not one of the recently converted states that has been jumping on the CCW bandwagon (not that there is anything wrong with that). We have been shall issue since at least the mid 1980's. And when Philladelphia tried to exclude itself from CCW, the state ammended its constitution to prevent them from disallowing it.
If I were you, I'd move south!
Link Posted: 1/27/2002 6:55:29 AM EDT
Turn 18 (now changed to 21)
Take 8hr NRA class
Get 3 letters of reference (no longer required)
Send $35 to police chief, get town permit (now a temp. state permit)
Wait a few weeks (8 max)
Take another $35 to state police, get picture taken, get perm. state permit.
Go to gun store, spend paycheck (repeat)

Renewals are $35 every 5 years, just sign and get pic taken.
We may be may-issue, but they have to give a good reason to not issue.
Link Posted: 1/27/2002 1:29:00 PM EDT
1)a drive downtown
2)a parking fee
3)fill out a form
4)pay $60
5)get finger printed (two complete sets)
6)wash the ink off of my hands
7)go home
8)wait appx 35 days, hmm no mail yet
9)Call the Sheriff and find that they'd filed it in the 60 day wait pile by mistake.
10) Receive in the mail, appx 40 days after applying.
11) Walk to Kinkos and have it Laminated.
Link Posted: 1/27/2002 1:49:52 PM EDT
Va is a shall issue state. You fill in the forms, provide evidence you have taken the firearms class (proof of military service is OK) and pay something like a $50 fee. They send you a notice when its ready, you must pick up your permit in person, they will not mail it.

I got mine years ago when you had to make a separate trip to your local police station, get photographed and fingerprinted. I didn't mind this because I have DoD security clearances and have already been fingerprinted, etc several times.
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Link Posted: 1/28/2002 6:13:31 PM EDT
1. $60.00
2. Fill out the paperwork
3. Fingerprints
4. Wait 30 days
5. Pickup permit

Link Posted: 1/28/2002 7:07:18 PM EDT

Originally Posted By Aimless:
I paid a $ 75 permit fee, I think, the $ 25 for the fingerprints and had to get the photoes, the same references as you. I have no restrictions on my permit. I can buy any pistol I want. I buy the gun, take the receipt to the County Clerk and they type the gun on my permit then I go get it from the dealer.

I don't know where that 3 years revokable permit is coming from. That seems really far reaching of your judge. However the courts have backed up the other judge created restrictions-i.e. the "hunting/target" permit, at least the last time I checked.

Actually I think it is the other way around. The $75 is for finger prints and is state wide. In oswego county it is only 10 or 15 for the actuall permit. The four references are statewide as well. Oswego has no restricions, i.e. I have CCW.
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Originally Posted By Aimless:
There is nothing referring to a "hunting/target" permit in NY law. Theoretically you (don't try it) could probably not be convicted .......

It's Nassau County,(Long Island) and as for the "loop hole" you can carry the pistol to and from the range. This means with one of the local pistol clubs you become a member of 3 ranges with all off them being open a total of somewhere around 20hrs in a day. This means if stopped by police or if the pistol has to be used (god forbid) in self defense you can claim that you were going to or from one of the ranges.. Alot of potential B.S. -but that's the "loop hole".
If you are in a diner, bar, or any other location where alcohol is being served you can have the permit instantly revoked -another bonus.

Link Posted: 1/28/2002 10:33:08 PM EDT
The Sheriff of each county in Alabama makes up their own rules regarding the obtaining of a pistol permit. We are lucky enough to have a very pro-gun Sheriff. You have to be 23 to get a pistol permit. I went to the Sheriff's office...filled out a short form...they did a background check...I had my picture taken...paid $20...they handed me a credit card sized picture ID pistol permit. The whole thing took about 15 minutes. Now, I just send the Sheriff $20 in the mail every year and they mail me back my new permit. Compared to many states, it's a fairly reasonable process. As a bonus, last year Alabama made a deal with Florida and Mississippi for reciprocity. Hopefully, there will be more added in the future as Alabama is in negotiations with other states of the south.


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Link Posted: 1/29/2002 10:11:53 AM EDT
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Wow, as CockedandLocked said, this is Texas and since we used to be our own country, we do things a little different here.

There is no permit necessary to buy or transport a weapon. Texas is a shall-issue concealed handgun license state. The price for the ten hour class is set by the range/instructor, but I have seen them everywhere from $35-90. Most places have a police officer standing by with fingerprinting materials and a passport camera included. The practical application range portion is very simple. The cost to the state is $140 and the license is good for 4 years. It took approximately 70 days for mine to come back from Austin.

When you have a CHL the NICS check is avoided, so you're out of there and off to the range as soon as you get the 4473 form done and your credit card approved.
Link Posted: 1/29/2002 1:02:48 PM EDT
1. A 16 hour course - $70 including fingerprinting and paperwork.
2. $50 to the state.
3. 5 rounds COM at 5 & 10 yards.
4. 20 question written test.
5. An agonizing 10 day wait.
Link Posted: 1/29/2002 3:31:26 PM EDT
First, I obtained the necessary paperwork, which is the main permit form, the mental heath check waiver form, the application for pistol permit form, and two reference forms. I fill out the main permit form, the pistol permit form, and the mental health check waiver form, and have two non family/non LE persons attest that I am of sound mind and qualified to handle firearms. I return with the forms to the local PD, and hope to get an appointment for fingerprinting (odd hours, sometimes they just say 'come back tomorrow'). I pay 49.95 for the fingerprinting (funny, the sign says fingerprinting for any other reason costs 10 bucks), 5 dollars for the permit, 2 dollars for the pistol permit.

Then I wait...

and wait....

and wait.....

Five months later, after they do a local background and mental health record check, and receive the results from the federal background check, I can come in and pick up my permit (good only for rifles and shotguns) and pistol permit (need a separate permit form for each pistol).

Not as bad as some, but a hell of a lot worse than others...
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