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Posted: 4/13/2017 6:18:34 AM EDT
I'm thinking about getting a VP9, and have been doing research to see if it has any issues or problems that are associated with it.  The only negative thing that I see is that it bombed MAC's gauntlet testing, but that doesn't dissuade me.

Are there ant trending reliability or usage issues that it has?  Anything like the reported Glock BTF issues or M&P9 accuracy issues that some have claimed?
Link Posted: 4/13/2017 7:08:55 AM EDT
Forget MAC's test. get a VP9 or VP40.
I have the 40, I dont put much into those "test" videos
Link Posted: 4/13/2017 10:33:06 AM EDT
I carry a VP9 daily on duty. The only problem I ever had was a stuck case of Tula 9mm which was one in a 200 round range trip. I attribute that to the ammo. As for MAC's video...if you don't plan on submerging it in silty water, throwing it against oak trees, AR500 steel plates, over driving over it with a Jeep (or any other "realistic" EDC scenarios), you'll be just fine.
Link Posted: 4/13/2017 10:40:46 AM EDT
HK is shipping OD VP9s today, so much want
Link Posted: 4/13/2017 10:46:02 AM EDT
I have not heard of any reliability issues, and I have had none whatsoever with my VP9.  Tim's gauntlet test had no effect on my opinion of the VP9, even less so when he started throwing it against objects.  The VP9 is an excellent firearm with one of the best out of the box triggers on a striker fired gun available.  

I think it's terrific, but don't take my word for it.  Try to rent one at the range and see for yourself, I think you'll like it, maybe even see if you can compare it against a P320 and a Walther PPQ, all of which have great triggers.
Link Posted: 4/13/2017 1:29:00 PM EDT
MAC's video is not something I worry about.

I shot a friend's VP9, and loved it.  It was very accurate and fit my hand perfectly.  He's had no problems with, but I was just curious to see if others have had issues.

So far I haven't heard of any issues.

As soon as I get the money together it's off to grabagun I go to buy it.
Link Posted: 4/13/2017 3:38:51 PM EDT
I quit counting at 4000 rounds.  1 partial extraction with Tulammo.

I don't really believe in torture tests.  I've had every weapon ever issued to me in the USMC jam with enough sand and shit inside of it... Playground/river sand will kill everything.

I have frozen mine, got it dirty, left it dirty, poured dirt into the back of it one day even to see what all the rage was about...  Had it open carry through weather, dust, etc... Only the 1 problem, and that was on a normal square range day plinking steel.

My favorite pistol, hands down.
Link Posted: 4/13/2017 5:52:25 PM EDT
I got one not long ago, have maybe 300 rounds through it, no function issues so far.    First time out shooting it I wasn't that happy with the feel of the trigger.  Secone trip to the range with it I shot it along with my new Sig P320, Glock 17, and the Glock 19 that I CCW.  With more rounds through it, the trigger felt better and I ended up being more accurate with it than the other 3.  If that continues after another range outing, it may replace the G19 for CCW.
Link Posted: 4/13/2017 6:37:37 PM EDT
My opinion: out of the box one of the most accurate and all around great pistols bar none. 
Link Posted: 4/13/2017 8:59:38 PM EDT
The only 'issue' I've heard about the VP9, which has since been corrected by H&K, was the slide going out of battery too easily, such as when holstering, etc.  They've replaced the recoil spring with the heavier VP40 spring and all is right again.
I never had that issue with my VP9 and still have the original VP9 spring in it, which I use for competitions.  If I ever do, I'll put the VP40 recoil spring in it.  Other than that, outstanding reliability, outstanding trigger especially after it's broken in.
Get one...You WONT be disappointed.
Link Posted: 4/13/2017 10:31:34 PM EDT
The VP9 is the most accurate 9x19 striker out there. It has never gone out of battery when holstering, and it has gotten wet while shooting here in AZ and kept on doing what every edgy person says it won't do because they have taken that test as the Gospel even though we know it was a test rigged to fail. In fact, many youtubers replicated the water and mud test and it kept going bang all day.
Link Posted: 4/14/2017 10:42:52 AM EDT
To echo some of the ammo-related issues...

The VP9 has a stepped chamber, which is hell with Steel/Aluminum cased ammo, *some* reloads, and other non-SAAMI spec ammo. HK recommends only quality brass cased ammunition. After the ONE stuck case of Tula 9mm I had (out of around 200 rds that session, mind you), I was a little concernicus that my VP9 wasn't as reliable as my Glocks that eat steel cased ammo like its going out of style. However, after researching the whole stepped chamber thing, it isn't as huge a concern anymore. I only shoot brass through my VP9 (to include Federal American Eagle 124gr, Freedom Muntions Reman 115gr, Ultramax Reman 124gr, WWB 115gr, Fiocchi, 115gr CCI Blazer Brass 115gr, Speer Lawman 115gr, and Speer Gold Dot 124gr +P) and haven't had an issue since after thousands of rounds.
Link Posted: 4/14/2017 4:21:15 PM EDT
Thanks for eveyone's input.  I'm looking forward to getting it.
Link Posted: 4/18/2017 7:32:59 PM EDT

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