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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 9/8/2005 2:15:47 PM EDT
The bloody mag floor plate keeps breaking on my P99 and I'm tired of writing SW about the problem. Their answer is to continuely send me free mags. They don't reply to my letters with a written answer and they don't even send floor plates, just mags. I now have a collection of mags without floor plates. I'm about to write another letter as a flr. plate broke just the other day at the range. Does anyone have an answer to this seemingly endless problem of mine.

Thanks, Nick
Link Posted: 9/9/2005 2:37:40 AM EDT
Link Posted: 9/9/2005 3:20:08 AM EDT
Call S&W. For some reason, the Walther .40 floorplates will break from time-to-time.

S&W's first reaction is to send new mags, as they probably don't have loose floorplates lying around, as odd as that sounds. Most of that kind of inventory is in sub assemblies, so they'll have a compete mag on hand, be probably not new floorplates. It's easier, and better customer service to send a complete mag anyway, since you won't have to do any work.

How many have actually broken? When did you buy the first mags? When was the last time S&W sent any to you? Are they all marked with the Walther banner? How are they breaking, as in what are you doing when they break (dropping to the concreate floor at the range, just sitting loaded, just sitting empty, looked at it cross-eyed, etc)?

If you're not hung-up on the "Walther" marking, call S&W and ask them to send you S&W floorplates and try those out. The Walther .40 floorplates supposedly had a bad batch. The 9mm's haven't had any problems and the S&W's haven't had any problems supposedly. Tell them your sob story on the phone and ask them if they could send you S&W floorplates to try out instead. They've done it before and it's usually cured the problem.

Don't blame them too much. As a rule they can't send you a S&W part to fix a Walther, which is why they haven't done it before. Also you have to admit that few companies would be sending you anything, let alone complete mags to replace the broken ones.

S&W does indeed have good customer service, but they probably haven't caught onto the idea that this is recurring to the same person over and over. It's not like an e-mail or letter is the same a phone call explaining how many times it's happened. Odds are they read the letter/e-mail quickly and drop it in the box for new mags to be shipped out, without being able to really link it to any previous occurance. Even if you explain it in the e-mail, it probably isn't getting added up right.

The best thing to do is call them and see if they can do anything and ask for S&W floorplates. I'd bet that solves everything.
Link Posted: 9/9/2005 11:20:57 AM EDT
I agree with trying S&W SW99 mags. I've never had a floorplate problem with my Walther mags, but I use the S&W anyway. The S&W floorplates are a little beefier. Never a hiccup in my .40 or my 9mm.
Link Posted: 9/9/2005 2:45:24 PM EDT
Well, first of all, I would like to thank everyone for their quick responses to my question. I will explain my problem with a little more depth. The first floor plate fractured while being carried on my belt. The second and third floor plate fractured in my range bag on seperate occasions and the forth broke in my vest pocket. Inspecting the mags after each incident I concluded that I had done nothing wrong and that the 1/16 inch piece of plastic failed. I even had one break in my hand (fifth time) as I was loading it and assumed it could not handle 10 rounds as indicated by Walther. From that point on I only loaded 9 rounds but it did not solve the problem. Walther has been kind enough to replace the mags but I'm looking at the more serious problem of personal carry with a handgun that is prone to fail. I say this because I have been to other forums where this problem has been discussed by others to no avail. Don't get me wrong I'm not looking for freebee's, I just want to rely on the handgun I carry.

I wish I could show all of you the failed part as it is so thin, beyond belief. Thanks again, I guess I'll go buy a glock. Why are the mags made in Italy anyway?
Link Posted: 9/9/2005 2:50:13 PM EDT
I will take the advise from everyone and I'm sure the answer will be found. Thanks again....
Link Posted: 9/10/2005 2:31:43 AM EDT

Why are the mags made in Italy anyway?

Many European makers sub-contract the mags to Mecgar of Italy. It's a whole production line that they don't need to set up, and Mecgar makes the factory mags for many guns. Sig used them to make the ten rounders, so Sig didn't have to mess with a separtate line just for the US during the AWB.

S&W's mags also come from the same production line, just assembled with a different floorplate and follower.

As an example, Colt never made any AR-15/M16 mags. Even the Colt marked ones are simply made by a sub-contractor, usually the company that had the USGI contract, with a "Colt" marked floorplate.

Using an outside supplier for mags is more common than most people know.

The city in Italy where Mecgar is located is something of a magazine institution. Beretta's magazine factory (MDS) is also located in the same city. It's "magazine Mecca".

The theory with the .40 P99 mags is that a batch of floorplates was bad. There's not really any way to tell the bad from good. Since they make the plastic floor plates in different lots for the 9mm, and SW99's, those are unaffected. There has been no reported failure of 9mm or S&W floorplates, and many people have succesfully used S&W floorplates to replace their broken .40 Walther banner ones.

The reported failures are as you describe. The floorplate just can't handle the streess of being loaded. That's indeed a worthless mag if it can't be loaded.

I'd get SW99 floorplates and that will solve the problem. Obviously, keep the other mag bodies you have, since sooner or later someone will offer aftermarket floorplates, or there will some kind of revision that will allow you to take advantage of them.
Link Posted: 9/12/2005 12:59:32 PM EDT
Link Posted: 9/14/2005 10:35:48 AM EDT
like someone said in the above post, i heard they had a bad batch of floor plates for the 10 rounders. easiest fix, and better anyways imo, is to get them to send you or buy the 12 rounders. no one has had problems with those.

i havent had a problem with my 10 rounders yet but only have about 100 rounds through them so far. im trying to see if they go kaput or not. but i do already have two 12 rounders anyways. 12>10.

Link Posted: 9/14/2005 11:05:30 AM EDT
Companies normaly could care less about your letter. You need to call them and speak with them on the phone. CALL CALL CALL until the are so irritated they can not stand it any more and have to help you or listen to the phone ring.
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