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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 11/13/2003 7:14:57 PM EST
Picked up a "new" P1 today and had a chance to try it out at the range.

It's one of the bargain priced ex-police units. The one I got was never issued and was built in 1994, according to the manufacturer's statement in the box.

They are a little different than expected in that the slide and barrel are a flat, matte black. Sort of like parkerized. It seems a bit more prone to light scratching. The grips have a few scratches here and there, like a gun that had been used for a few years. The alloy frame had tool marks here and there, not the usual Walther finishing job. All in all it looks a bit cobbled together from a new steel slide and barrel, new slide release, magazine release and take down pin, with a used set of grips. The alloy frame actually doesn't show any wear on the front strap or trigger guard.

I oiled it up as it looked pretty dry and put 50 rounds of PMC 9mm 115 gr. FMJ round nose through it.

The two supplied magazines were new but one had melted tape holding its paper cover on and was sticky. A little nail polish remover cleaned that up at home but the other mag was fine and I used it.

I was a little leary about the first round, always are with a new gun but especially this one. I needn't have worried as it worked faultlessly. At about 12 yards it shot a little low and to the right. The sights are drift adjustable but very much ok for this gun's purpose.

Most importantly, it ate the whole box without a hiccup and the groupings were about two inches or so. Not bad for a new gun that was unfamiliar to me.

AFter shooting the box of 9mm I fired half a box of 40 S&W thru my Walther P99.

You really feel the difference between the two rounds. Its like the difference between the .38 spl +p and .357 mag.

All in all the bargain P1 is not a gun you'll proudly display for its appearance, but to get an excellent 9mm plinker that isn't likely to malfunction makes it look pretty attractive, especially priced not a lot over $300.
Link Posted: 11/26/2003 11:57:41 AM EST
You & I both have the same gun. I think I paid $329 or so at a gunshow for it. As you say, it'll shoot anything you put in it & it would make a good training gun for a novice.
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