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Posted: 7/17/2005 5:02:56 PM EDT
I just picked up a used HK full size USP 9mm.  The manual says the USP only comes in 9mm and 40 so I know it is a few years old.  However it has an ambidextrous safety.  It acts just like a variant 1 except the level is also on the right side.  Did the factory ever put these out or did someone modify it?  Would it be easy to remove the right side lever?

Edit.  It has a proof of KD so it looks like it was made around 1993.
Link Posted: 7/17/2005 6:11:21 PM EDT
It could have been ordered that way from the factory or a previous owner could have had it installed.  I do not know for certain but if you look on the box, it may say the way it came from the factory and if any special items were installed.  Since the ambi is not a normal item offered on a standard USP, I would wager that it was added or special ordered that way.  If you want to switch it back you would need to simply buy the single sided safety and install it.  The installation is not a hard job but you would need to download the Armorer's manual from  here.
Personally, I would leave it as is.  Your pistol is a first year production and that is why the manual says only 9mm and .40 on it.  The .45 came a year or two later.  Before doing anything to your pistol you may want to contact HK and see if they can shed some light on how it shipped from the factory.  If this pistol had that installed as a factory special ordered item I would certainly keep it that way or sell it to someone who would like to have a first year production USP.  If it is complete with box and all the accessories that came with it when new you should be able to get a very good price for it.  Since there have been several "improvements" to the USP since 93, such as lightening the slide on the 9mm, you may find a newer pistol would suit you better as a shooter.
Link Posted: 7/17/2005 10:10:40 PM EDT
Yes i agree with Big-Bore. If it was made in 1993 then it wouldn't show the .45 in the manual, it came in 94. I have not haddled or seen a USP that old myself. If I were you I would leave the gun how it is for now and contact HK about your situation.

Link Posted: 7/28/2005 7:34:52 PM EDT
As an update I e-mailed HK customer support.  They said not a factory job since "those types of controls weren’t available at the time your pistol was produced".  I take it the ambidextrous control is one piece rather than a right and left control installed at the same time.  Anyway I don't see a reason to change it at this time so it will just stay as is.  Down the line if the right control is getting in the way I can swap it out.
Link Posted: 8/4/2005 8:48:59 PM EDT
if you chose to swap it out let me know.............................i need the setup since i'm a lefty and am having one hell of a time finding ALL the parts.
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