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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 3/24/2006 5:51:18 AM EST

I recently traded some AR15 parts for my friends Mech Tech barrel. He never used it so I said wtf.

I mounted it to my Auto Ordn 1911 WWII. The lower 1911 went on to the Mech Tech barrel easily enough and with a cheap Leapers 4x scope I went to the range. I wasnt expecting much from this combo but I am glad to say the Mech Tech performed better than I expected (it was worth the collapsible stock, pistol grip and extra hand guards).

At 25 meters, the Mech Tech shot 2-3" groups with .45 CCI and Winchester 230gr FMJ. When I went back to the 50m, 75m, 100m the results werent so hot (3-6-7.5"). But, hey, its .45 - not a rifle round. What made a huge difference was the use of Federal Hydro-Shocks (230gr). At 25m, the rounds were practically on top of each other. It shot higher and therefore I adjusted the scope for the poi. When I moved to the 50,75,100m - the results were so much better than the previous groups (2,4,4). The barrel never jammed, despite the rounds I was feeding it (I expected hollow-pnts to do poorly but it didnt have any problems).

To action, the left side charging handle is pulled back. Pull on the handle (away from the weapon) and the lock is released so the bolt can go forward. The safety on the lower will function in a cocked-locked state. Shooting it wasnt difficult but the wire-metal stock definitely needs an overhaul. Its not comfortable. In addition, my wife had difficulty charging the handle - I guess that means its all mine.

The longer barrel helped tone down the report of the .45. I wish I had my friends chrono to measure velocity but that wasnt in the cards because it snowed this week (he doesnt go out in snow - WIMP). Anyway, I think this is a great "plinker" or even a weapon for varmints at short range (less than 75m). It is a fun "toy" for those that like to see the potential of a longer barreled 1911.

Hope this helps and I hope to hear some feedback from others on their experiences.
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