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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 3/11/2002 4:08:13 PM EST
[Last Edit: 3/11/2002 4:46:59 PM EST by Rescue35]
So my wife was mad because I got an AR and neglected to tell her. My fault should have told her befor hand. That was 6 months ago.

Last night while go through my gun stuff, I dumped some strippers w/ Q3131A into some newly aquired mags. The wife comes in and ask me how to load the strippers because she is board. So I put here to work loading them back up. Well I dont have enough Q3131A left to fill the strippers so I give her my can of "misc. ammo".

She says I need to go buy more ammo so that they will all be the same!!!!!!

Then she says I need to get more Mags so I can put the ammo that's in battle packs in them!!!!!!!!

Tonight we are out fullfilling her wishes on the ammo. While waiting on a clerk we look at the guns in the case. She dacides she wants to look at some to see if they fit her better than my 1911. At first she tried a Glock 19 which was still a bit bulky and the slide was a bit heavy to pull back for her taste.

Then she tried a Berreta 92F Brigader. It was large grip wise but she like the fact that the slide was real easy for here to manipulate. (I want that gun.)

Then I saw a Berreta with a grip that was flat in the back! The "Vertex", I asked to see that one and it fit her like a glove! She wants that gun!

Yeah! When I first meet her she prefered to not be around guns.

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Link Posted: 3/12/2002 3:48:48 PM EST
Rescue, thats great...so far. I know of 2 cases where the wife now does the "guy buyin'" and nearly put the hubbies in hock! What a way to go broke!
Link Posted: 3/17/2002 11:54:07 AM EST
Hey....let me know when you get them figured out!......
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