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Posted: 5/5/2004 1:05:26 PM EDT
Ok my ladie and I where checking out guns today for her.  She got kind of intrested in the PT-145 strangely I found my self intrested in it.  I carry a Glock .23 I have been thinking for a long time about switching to a .45 my self.  I was debateing on Kimber ultra carry, G36, G30.  I want to get a 1911 so I was going to save up 750 bucks and buy a Kimber.  I am planing to Transfer into law enforcement from detention.  Unfortunately most all the departments in this area will not let you carry 1911's on or off duty.  So do I buy the Kimber just to have it, and not be able to carry it in a year?   Also my ladie likes Kimbers so if I buy a Kimber ultra carry she will probably confinscate it once I can't carry it any more.  She wanted to look around to see what else is out there becides Kimber.  Ok back to my question.  I have never shot a PT-111 or a PT-145 how are they?  Are they reliable?  What do you think of them?  How does the recoile with the PT-145 compare to a Kimber ultra carry or a Glock 30/36?  One thing I noticed is the trigger is long even the reset is long which I did not like but the pull is pretty light and with practice I would get use to it.  What do you think about the trigger?  Is the trigger able to be modified?  What is a good price for one?  The shop we looked at to day had the PT-145 listed at 449 and the PT-111 listed at 365 (I am not sure if the PT-111 was new or used I did not look at it).

Link Posted: 5/5/2004 2:00:19 PM EDT

I had a PT-111, bought it based on what I read in the magazines and what I thought I needed.  Turned out, the mag fell out every 3rd shot.  Tried a different mag, same deal.  Not sure if it was the way I held the gun (bad mag release position in my opinion) or it has a problem with the mag release spring or whatever.  Sure, could have sent it back to Taurus and I'm sure they would have taken care of it - instead I traded it when I got a Kimber.  Also didn't like the trigger pull, balance didn't feel quite right, little things, and all are unique to each individual's preference...

I have to mention everyone else I've talked to said their PT was great.  No problems, they like the pistols, so maybe it was just me.  
Also, I paid about $220 for mine at a gun show, so you might want to shop somewhere else.

Link Posted: 5/6/2004 6:00:06 AM EDT
I paid $300 for my PT145 out the door.

Piece of SHIT to say the least. Traded it and some cash for a 92FS and a Yugo.

Mag fell out once.  Had to send it back because the mag release broke.

Thing almost blew up on me. Not sure what happened shooting factory CCI Blazer and all of a sudden it wouldnt fire any more.  After further inspection, the frame had cracked,  the trigger broke so is was falling down everytime you pulled it so it would not engage the firing pin (probably a damn good thing or else I could be one hand short right now) and the slide was jambed all to hell. I dont know how Taurus ever got the slide off of there.

Also the guide rod and spring would pop out the end of the slide all the time and jamb the gun. Once again a bitch to fix.

Trigger pull sucks.

I maybe had 300 rounds thru it and I said fuck it and traded it.

Taurus does have excellent customer service though.

Good luck if you decide to get one.
Link Posted: 5/6/2004 10:35:26 AM EDT
After talking to several people and your posts, the PT-111 and PT-145 are a no go.  I heard only one person out of several who said they where good guns.  I will not be adding a PT-111 or Pt-145 to my safe.  

Link Posted: 5/6/2004 2:24:31 PM EDT
I had a PT111 and it broke twice. Taurus fixed it and it sits in my safe now. The first breakdown was similar to the one described above the second was the takedown latch. Its a fragile gun, carry it a lot, shoot it a little.
Do yourself a favor, get the Kimber.
Link Posted: 5/6/2004 6:02:04 PM EDT
i believe i would rather have a lobster chew  on testicles than fork over $1 for any Taurus PT.
Link Posted: 5/6/2004 8:53:52 PM EDT
now now... why do such cruel things to lobsters?  After all Taurus didnt make the lobster ya know!
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