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Posted: 6/16/2009 12:28:21 AM EST
Has anybody used one of these? a shop close to me has one, but doesn't know if it will use any other mags, or pretty much anything about it.

Any thoughts on it are welcome
Link Posted: 6/16/2009 7:28:45 AM EST
I bought a EAA 1911-22 conversion kit which maybe the one you are talking about. The slide is aluminum and has an integral front sight and a white outline rear sight which looks similar to an MMC. The recoil spring guide has a cheap looking polymer buffer and the magazines are kit specific. EAA imports pistols which are made by Tangfolio and I feel sure this probably the same kit if for a 1911 pistol. The kit I bought only came with one magazine. When I first looked at the kit I thought it was a similar design to the Ciener and Kimbers. Upon closer inspection after purchase there are some distinct differences. The guide rod on the EAA kit is not a captive unit like the Kimber. The recoil spring and guide have to be pushed forward and compressed to remove the barrel first then the spring and guide can be removed. The kit seems accurate however the supplied magazine is defective. Basically my pistol is a single shot with the supplied mag. The mag has a built in ejector on the top left side of the mag. The ejector is way to short on my magazine and will not kick out the spent case. I tried to order three new magazines over the phone but I ended up getting the Witness 45 ACP Tangfolio wide body mags instead of the 1911 mag. I sent those three mags back to EAA today along with the defective mag. The person I talked to was very nice but I just got the wrong part number for the conversion kit mags. I think I can get the kit to work if I can get a good mag. The only concern I have is how long the plastic tip ejector will hold up on top of the magazine. From a design stand point I like the Kimber better but the Kimber was almost twice the price. A dealer had this kit in stock and the price was $167.00 with one magazine. Time will tell if the pistol will function with a new mag but I think I got what I paid for. Sometimes the cheaper products are cheaper for a reason. The reason here is because the kit is a cheaper to produce design and may prove to be inferior in the long haul. For a casual user this kit may hold up very well. I tend to shoot a lot so I guess I'll find out how the kit does. One of the reasons I bought this kit was because the dealer let me put the slide on my frame to make sure it fit. I really didn't want a Ciener because I don't like Ciener's lack of customer service. I also bought this kit because it fit and I didn't have to order something that might or might not fit my pistol.

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