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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 1/31/2006 9:33:44 AM EST
Im looking at building a Glock in .40 that is going to be suppressed. I have an extra Glock 23 sitting around that has no barrel, so I pretty much only need recommendations on which barrel and suppressor.

I have an AAC can on a walther p22, but don't have any experience with cans on bigger bore pistols.
Link Posted: 1/31/2006 2:03:43 PM EST
Check over at the armory section of this site. There is a C3 fourm I think.
Link Posted: 2/1/2006 3:27:59 AM EST
The .40 would not be as easy to suppress as a .45 The .45 round is already subsonic so you already have that going for you. But I personally just don't like the .40 cal I think it is a waste.
Link Posted: 2/1/2006 6:03:27 AM EST
Oh ok, I'll just throw all the .40s away and buy .45s
Link Posted: 2/1/2006 3:46:26 PM EST
I don't think that he is saying "toss the .40 guns." Since non +p .45 is subsonic, you will derive more benefit from the supressor than you with with a ultra-sonic round. You will get about the same performance as you would with a non-suppressed .45 as you will after you suppress it, and you will get the increased sound reduction that you would by using subsonic ammo.

Also, I believe that .40 has it's merits, but I have stopped buying, and sold all of my .40 guns because I can't afford to stock so many types of ammo. 9mm, 5.56, and 12 gauge are the only calibers I will be buying en masse. I keep .45 around for my house gun, but that is all I use it for.
Link Posted: 2/3/2006 11:35:19 AM EST
I'd decided on an evo-9 suppressor, but didn't have a suitable 9mm for the can. I did have a 23, though. I ordered an extended, and threaded conversion barrel for the 23, and only had to buy Glock 19 magazines to shoot 9mm.

Now I have a .40 Glock, and a 9mm Glock, with about 1 minute to change calibers. With a 9mm suppressor, I can mount it on a SBR 9mm in the future.

Lots of 9mm subsonic out there, and the general concensus is that 9 is easier to suppress than larger calibers.
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