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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 11/16/2003 6:39:11 PM EST
I picked up a couple Star BM pistols yesterday, and got to the range today.

I got two, both serialed about 2000 apart, so they were likely made in the same year. Both have '77' stamped on the right of the trigger guard.

The first one has a lot of finish left. I'd give it maybe 80%. The heel of the grip and the beaver tail show lots of wear. From the bore, which was pretty clean, and the rails of the frame and slide, it was likely never fired very much at all. Only one mag in the box.

The second has a little less finish, probably 70% or so. Lots of holster wear. This one is LOOSE. The slide and frame rails don't show much wear, nor do the lugs on the barrel and in the frame... but it rattles like crap! I took the recoil spring guide assembly, and compared to the other pistol's, and the front little bushing is much thinner... giving about 1/10" inch of play. There is a little side to side play in the slide to frame. I'll likely part this one out or just use it for spare parts. Two mags in the box


I only took the tighter one to the range today with some WWB (115gr fmj). Shot a couple magazines of Olympic through it (124gr fmj). Got about 225 rounds through it. 7 total FTEs. One stovepiped and the rest caught longways between the slide and the top of the barrel. The extractor seems to not have good enough tension. The extractor from the other pistol seems to angle in more. I may try to swap them.

The trigger is GREAT! A small amount of takeup, then a crisp break at maybe 4-5lb. Recoil was light, but cycling felt kinda 'cheap' as the recoil spring looks like it came out of a ball-point pen. Wolff makes a couple recoil springs for the BM, so I'll pick up one or two (they make 14# and 16#)

The safety does click on and off with a good 'snick'. It makes kinda a 'pop' when you flick it off, as it actually hits the grip panel. Interestingly, you can flip the safety ON when the hammer is all the way down. When the hammer is cocked, it disengages the sear from the hammer, meaning the hammer is held by the safety when it's ON. Makes me a little more confident if I choose to carry it.

Accurate. Well, it is, except it hits about 3" to the left at 7 yards. (well, about 2" with the WWB, and 3" with the Olympic.... but it grouped better with the Olympic)

All in all, I like it. I will try to swap the extractors between the two pistols. If I could find a guide rod assembly, I might be able to get the loose pistol tighter. If not, I may try to pick up another one sometime in the future.

ALSO: Holster ideas. I stuffed it into a 1911 IWB holster, and it fits. It's a little loose, as the slide and frame are a bit narrower, but the BM is about as tall from the bottom of the trigger guard to the top of the slide. So I'd bet a holster for a shorter 1911 would work good. Maybe a little loose, but would work.

All in all, I'd recommend one if you got a couple bills for a neat little gun.

Link Posted: 11/17/2003 4:10:54 AM EST
HI, I bought one a few months back too. My dates back to 1973. I have shot over 300 rounds through with no FTE or FTF's. I even shot Hornady Gold dot 124gr. HP to fire reliably. The steel frame makes shooting really pleasant. Here is a link to good web page regarding all Star Pistols www.9mmlargo.com
Link Posted: 11/17/2003 7:40:36 AM EST
I have a Star model BS in 9mm and I really like it(which is alot like your Model BM).
You mentioned the saftey hits the grip panel when you switch it off. Mine did the same thing,so I loosened the grip panel screws.
I then switched the safety off making sure it was off all the way then I retightened the grip screws(I had a little play in the grips to work with). This appears to work on my pistol.
Just watch that the panels don't become loose and ride up and bind the safety as of course this will happen when you really need your pistol(Murphy's law).
If that doesn't work you may have to file/remove some of the grip material untill everything works ok or go with aftermarket/custom grip panels.

I have good luck with CCI Blazers,but it still won't run 100% of the time. I can expect at least one or two FTF/FTE per box of 50.
My pistol is LNIB and completly stock,so I hope to replace the springs and tweak it some to get it more reliable.

The triggers on these pistols are not really bad,just different(like the Sig 210 and Molina). I do prefer my trigger to some of the stock 1911 triggers. I picked up a very well used Star pistol before I got mine and the trigger was VERY nice and light and slick,so I hope mine will get better with some use.

Don't give up on the "loose" pistol. Try it out,who knows it may be MORE reliable and may OUT SHOOT the other one. Alot of "loose" autos shoot fairly well and you may be surprised.

Link Posted: 11/17/2003 5:33:17 PM EST

That loose pistol... I don't know about.. it actually moves back and forth, almost slightly out of battery. If I could find a replacement recoil guide rod assembly... or find some way to tweak it to get about 1/10" longer.. It's just not pushing the barrel back far enough. I'll see what I can do with it... I'm pretty mechanically inclined, but I'm not a machinist...

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