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Posted: 1/8/2005 6:03:22 PM EDT
I posted this at 1911forum and I haven't gotten a reasonable response yet. You guys have any ideas/experience?

Springfield Armory Compact .45 -> won't shoot straight!


I have a Springfield Armory Compact .45 that does not shoot straight. I am not bashing SA or anything like that!

I have over 5000 rounds through this gun and 90% are inside of 15 yards. 99.9% fired off hand. I have tried shooting at 25 yards in the past and I was all over the place (MOBG = minute of bad guy -> I was on paper but not where I thought I aimed). So, I chalked it up as not knowing how to execute the fundamentals and continued to practice "at sword distance." At 7, 10 and 15 yards I shoot fast A Zone hits all day...

I got a Kimber Custom II and started shooting at 25 yards. I consistantly shoot MOCB (minute of chili bean -> all rounds in one ragged hole) off hand!

All of my shooting has been with S&B, Walchester or my own handloads (200gr PRN over 5gr 231 and Win LPP).

To clean my barrel I use CLP and an Otis kit. I clean every 300 - 400 rounds. And I do not belabour the cleaning process...

The SA is absolutely perfect (carries very well, eats everything and poops empty mags, shoots perfect inside 15 yards) otherwise I would just get another one...

So here is the issue: I am guessin' that somewhere along the line I have bungled my barrel... Is that possible given that data as provided? Should I rebarrel the gun? What should I try first? Could it be that my barrel is dirty??

I am not lookin' for unreal accuracy somewhere around 12-16 MOA would be fine (i.e. 3" to 4" groups at 25 yards). Here are a couple "dial-up warning" pictures:

(my daughter is waiting so I do not have time to resize...)

Thank you in advance for taking the time to look over this stuff!!!
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