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Posted: 12/22/2002 2:28:11 AM EDT
Just wondering what the overall consensus was for a Mil-Spec 1911 Springfield Champion?  It doesn't look like the Champion on the SA website, however, it was purchased new at the beginning of '99.  It has a regular length handle (holds 8 round mags) and a short barrel.  The seller is a reliable source and has only had about 50 rounds through it, so it's basically new and looks it.  I can buy it for about $400.00; Is it a good gun for the price?  Can't afford a Sig or any >$700.00 dollar handgun right now.

Also, how are these new XDs from SA?  Are they going to be inexpensive in .45 caliber?  My friend also wants an inexpensive .45, so we might just want something like this if it's better than the 1911s in the same price range.

Someday I'll buy a Sig when I can afford it, but college is killing my wallet.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
Link Posted: 12/22/2002 6:33:35 AM EDT
If price is a major concern, pick the one most appropriate to your shooting.  The Springfield, Kimber, or Colt is outstanding for longterm use and will feed thousands of rounds.  If you're looking for low cost defense only, consider a Llama which is mil spec with interchangeable parts and you can pick up for around $250 new out of the box.  I have one and does quite nice but don't plan on putting thousands of rounds through it either. I'll save that for my Colts.
Link Posted: 12/22/2002 10:26:15 AM EDT
Something else you might want to consider for a less expensive self defense pistol are the Ruger P-90 and P-97 .45 ACP's. These guns are utterly reliable with any ammo I have ever tried in them, they are accurate and they can be found in the $325-$375 price range. IMHO, I think one of these would be a better choice over a bottom end 1911. Low end 1911's often need modifying to reliably feed hollow points....something the Ruger does just fine as is. They aren't the most beautiful gun out there, but they will get the job done. Their performance is just as good as guns $200-$300 more expensive. You can always get something like a Sig or a Kimber later if you want.
Link Posted: 12/23/2002 8:13:10 AM EDT
That's about the right price.  I bought (and later sold) my Champion for $400.  I imagine it cost a little more new.  

TomJefferson, unless they have changed the design of the Llamas in the past few years, I don't think there is much "mil-spec" about them.  Some parts will interchange but many will not.  I know their new "FireStorm" line is definitely not 100% interchangeable with 1911 parts.
Link Posted: 12/23/2002 8:24:42 PM EDT
The springfield is a wonderful weapon. if your looking for cost vs. quality don;t forget to check the xd series, and the polymer series available from sig.
the sig pro comes in every caliber but 45, try them out i think you will like what you get.
if they don;t suit your budget needs, check the line from ruger, very solid and reliable. just heavy
Link Posted: 12/24/2002 8:11:16 PM EDT
I'm new here, but...

I own a SA in 5" and really like it.
If you can buy yours @ $400.00 - do it...
Shoot it for awhile, don't like it, trade up for something else.  Can't go wrong, @ $400.00...

Good Luck

Link Posted: 12/24/2002 10:34:14 PM EDT
Orlaam, another option is to cruise the gun shows until you find a Norinco 1911A1. They are truly diamonds in the rough. I own two and they shoot and shoot well out of the box. Regards, Richard
Link Posted: 12/24/2002 11:51:11 PM EDT
Decisions decisions.  It's tough trying to decide what to get.  I think I might go ahead and get the Springfield Champion.  It looks nice and seems to be the best choice for me.  I'm going to try and get a Sig P220, unless I see a Sig in .45 ACP that's better for me.  My concern with some of these handguns and 45s in general is size.  I prefer smaller more compact handguns.  I also really like 45 the best.

Yeah, the Norinco 1911s are pretty nice.  A guy I used to know had one and it shot real well.  One of my friends has the Ruger 9mm, but their just too big for my tastes.

Hopefully a Sig is in my future.  My problem is college, however, I'm going to try and work a lot this next year and save for something good.  Then I'll be stuck deciding what again, another AR, a Sig, something else???  This hobby is fun, but expensive.

Thanks for the replies.
Link Posted: 12/27/2002 8:21:28 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 12/27/2002 8:25:17 PM EDT by desertmoon]
 For 400, if it looks decent and the sights are straight...give it a try...gotta warn ya though Springfield sometimes puts really crappy parts in their guns and they can be troublesome.  the good news is that even if you do need to replace a part here or there it should only be once if you use a good quality replacement and for 400 a little extra won't hurt too bad.
Link Posted: 12/27/2002 8:23:54 PM EDT
... If he will take $375, buy it
Link Posted: 12/28/2002 12:40:49 PM EDT
 $400 for any milspec model is about average.  Be forewarned that the mil-spec models will not be as high quality as their "Loaded" models.  They are usually made in South
America by Imbel.  If the gun can be tested or the seller is willing to offer a refund should there be excessive failure of the weapon, then take it.  Firearms are always subject to some hit and miss (no pun intended) when it comes to quality.  It is the nature of hand crafted items.  However mil-spec 1911's seem to be more hit and miss than others.

Also, make sure you like the sights on the milspec.  They are tiny and not smoothed to be snag free.  If it works and you are just using it for recreation, go for it.  If you want it for carry, the sights will sometimes snag and the frame and slide probably haven't been contoured to be CCW friendly.

You might be better off saving a bit longer for a "Loaded" chammpion size or full size or that SIG.  I used and carried a SIG for a number of years.  I loved it and it served me well.  However, recently I switched to a 1911 (the full size "Loaded" from Springfield) and honestly I wouldn't go back.  I loved my SIG, but it just doesn't compare to the 1911.  The 1911 just fits perfectly in my hands.  

That being said, the SIG fit my hand better than any double stack pistol I have ever handled.  Better than any Beretta, Glock, S&W, and especially the USP (compact and full size).  Of all double stacks, the SIG 226 was the absolute hands down winner in feel, fit and function.  However, the 1911 is the absolute best of any gun, single or double stack in my hands.  

All in all,it is up to you what feels good and operates well and easy to you.  I don't mind flippiung off the safety when I unholster the 1911.  You might.  I like the thinner grip of the 1911, you might not.  You might prefer the double action over the single action/thumb safety combo.  Either way, you will have a fine weapon.
Link Posted: 1/10/2003 6:07:13 AM EDT
i have two. one older twotone i got for 500 bucks and a new one i bought for 650 in stanless. i like them both a lot. my 2 cents
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