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Posted: 8/12/2003 2:52:33 PM EDT
I'm finally "street legal" for carry and didn't know if this was a natural progression of obsession. Tell me if this sounds familiar to you.

When I didn't have my CCW and worked in a "no-guns" workplace, I was obsessed with concealability. I ended up with a KelTec P32 (which I still love) and thought it was "enough". I knew the shortcomings of the caliber and dinky barrel but practiced religiously and felt comfortable with it because it was completely undetectable.

When I was *waiting* for my permit (and unemployed), I started focusing on the idea of the "perfect compromise" gun - something that was compact for concealment but packed a good punch. I would dress around the gun. FWIW, I'm thinking the Glock 36 fits the bill... but I was still okay with the P32.

Now that I've *had* my permit for a few weeks and am a full-time student again, I'm really starting to think of my P32 as inadequate and am wondering if the G36 is still too damned big. When I stumbled across Kahr's PMP9, I *really* started thinking that it could fit with my current wardrobe and that it would pack more punch than the .32... but that it isn't a .45 (I'm a big proponent).

This mental gun-hopping is driving me nuts! The fact that I don't know anyone who could let me try out whatever I'm considering and that I'm on a seriously tight budget isn't helping any.

So is this just "new permit-holder syndrome"? I mean, I went through a low-grade version any time I just *wanted* a new gun but now that I'm able to carry.... Yeesh.

What's the diagnosis and how do I make the symptoms stop?
Link Posted: 8/12/2003 5:52:02 PM EDT
I went through a similaqr search for the perfect carry gun. I have a Glock 17 and really like the charcteristics of the 9mm round. The bullet has a substantial amount of energy at impact. With the 9mm being the NATO approved round and the US military using it the ammunition is cheap and plentiful. While it does not have the energy of a .40 cal or a .45 cal it can be very effective with the right shot placement. That being settled I went looking for a reasonable 9mm that could be easily concealed. I looked at the Glock 26 since I was so happy with my Glock 17.

I wasn't particularly thrilled with the thickness of the grip, neither did I like the length of the grip. The gunshop I was in had a Taurus PT 111 Titanium. The pistol was a little more narrow and had a longer grip. The pistol had a couple more nice to have features such as being a double action only and having a thumb safety. It has a nice light trigger pull. Also it came with factory installed night sites. The best feature was that it cost about $100.00 less than the Glock 26.

After firing about 100 rounds I figured out the sight picture and am able to consistently put 10 rounds in a couple of inches.

I had a little difficulty finding a holster, but now there are quite a few on the market. Most holsters that are made for a Glock 26 also fit the Taurus PT 111.

There are a couple of PT111 versions, one blued, a stainless steel and the titanium. The most expensive is the titanium, it is also the lightest at around 16 ounces empty.

Hope this helps.
Link Posted: 8/21/2003 6:32:34 PM EDT
Yeah, I've kind of done the same.

Bought a Kimber CDP II, but it's too big and I wasn't carrying it.

So I switched to my wife's Kahr MK9 (she has gone to a Taurus Ti .38 spcl).

The MK9 is a great size for carry. I wish I had the polymer version to save a little weight.

Still, I do feel like a .45 ACP would be better.

I haven't carried her Beretta Tomcat .32 ACP simply for the fact I don't think it's enough of a round. Better than nothing, but I want more.

Round and round we go.
Link Posted: 8/22/2003 10:58:12 AM EDT
I went through the same thing when I got my CCDW. I borrowed countless guns from friends to try carrying for a few days, and finally settled on the Taurus PT-140.

Same size as the compact Taurus 9mm, but in .40. I love it.
Link Posted: 8/22/2003 12:20:52 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 8/23/2003 5:43:29 AM EDT by KeithC]
Thanks for the replies, all.

Right about now, I'm looking at a Kahr. Don't know anyone that owns one I can try (I'm used to being "the gun guy" in my group) but I like the feel. The P9 felt a little light and skinny but is a contender. The K9 felt *perfect* (and was a discontinued model w/ a reduced price of $539 new w. night sights!) but might be a bit thick in the grips. If I'm gonna print, I'd rather be toting the G36. Might split the difference and go with the MK9 with a mag extension for a K9-sized grip.

Hey, I'm down to three. Gotta think of it as improvement.

Edited to add: Screw it! Just got home from buying the MK9. Was planning on just comparison-shopping again but it was marked down to $439, NIB w/ 2 mags. Now to get familiar with it....
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