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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 1/25/2006 5:04:33 AM EST
I have found sigs to be good to me. I have been on this site for two years now and I have found that being a sig owner isn't a bad thing. At first I didn't even have a preferrence, I still don't. I just know what feels good to me and just trying to shoot what I shoot better. Now here's the trouble.. I think that the recoil will be less of a deal with the .357sig if I got a 226r in .357sig and a 229 in a .40. I know that a 9 is cheaper but I don't go to the range that often. I am thinking this will cost me about 1600 dollars here in fla. I have 3 sigs already and one 1911 and one snubby. I think that I will be done for awhile. I want to know what is the slide made of on the 229's that make them more durable? I have the 245 will the little hole in slide. I call sig and they said that it was fine just an older model. I have the extended mags that make it feel a hell of a lot different and more pleasant to shoot. I don't shoot as often as I like, as a matter of fact I clean just to clean because most often my sigs are in the closet unloaded and lubed. Do you think I am wasting my money? I don't think that I am narrow minded, I don't knock glocks and taraus etc, I just don't waste time in trying to have it all on an E5's pay. I have considered the pre-owned sigs but I like to buy new, it makes me feel better. Is that shallow thinking? Why pay more when you don't have to? I just feel like I don't know how the last guy treated it or dogged it.. At least with a newbie I am the virgin breaker. What do you think?

After this purchase I will buy more mags.. at least five for every one. Ct laser grips for my 239, and I don't think I will touch the sights of anything esle.. I just would like some nicer grips. I am not sure how the hogue's look on the sigs. I have a pair on my 1911with the finger grooves and it looks great, but the sig??? Thanks for your time and I am greatful to you all for helping me this past two yearts. I have gotten a book for my toys( tools you use , toys you drool--except the 1911 procarry.. that is the tool) and have increased my knowledge and skill. Thanks.
Link Posted: 1/25/2006 8:07:47 AM EST
Link Posted: 1/25/2006 5:41:48 PM EST
Huge +1 for James at Ordnance Outsellers. He has the best deals on new/used Sigs around and he gets them to you quickly. Customer service with him is outstanding.
Link Posted: 1/25/2006 7:54:32 PM EST
Recoil for me with a P226 357 was very similar to a P220 in 45, ie noticable, but not punishing at all. I fine the houge finger grove grips to be too fat on Sigs for my tastes. I've shot the following models: P226 357, P239 357, P220 45, P239 9, P225 9, P228 9, and SP2022 40. To me, the 9's have very little recoil at all, and the rest all feel pretty much the same.

I'd get a CPO P226 from Teknic on this board with both 40 and 357 barrels for $550 if I were in your shoes. Look in the equipment exchange for some of his ads. The P229 is also an awesome piece, but more designed for concealed carry, which doesn't seem to be as much an issue for you. Also, as mentioned above, Ordnance Outsellers is a good place for new or CPO Sigs. CPO's are a great value, many people can't tell them from new, and they cost a couple hundred less.

www.cdnninvestments.com or www.copesdist.com or www.topgunsupply.com for mags.

And finally, the new SP2022 SigPro is a fantastic weapon, and can be had from Ordnance Outsellers for $499 NIB. Its one to consider for sure.
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