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Posted: 10/6/2007 6:32:31 PM EST
[Last Edit: 10/7/2007 1:19:09 PM EST by ARSC]
Well I like my Springfield XD it is the 4in. 45. I have lately been looking at a 1911. I really think I like the Loaded Full Size MC Operator and I really want to get one. Right now my XD is my go to gun for everything I have others but I like this one the best. I have never owned a 1911 but I think I would really like one.

The time has come for me to stock up on magazines for my XD seeing that I only have 3 and from what I am seeing they are not that cheap. Not that If I had a 1911 I would be stocking up for the ban because they wouldnt be affected but the Wilson Combat Mags are cheaper than the cheapest XD ones I have found.

Also Im coming to the point were I want feel completed in the weapons area (If you ever can) even though getting rid of my XD would mean not having an XD but I have a Glock so Im covered in that type of gun and I am the type of person that once I get a new gun I dont really utilize my other ones. So I know If I get a 1911 I might as well sell the XD because if I dont it will just be sitting in the safe.

So is it worth it. What does the Loaded Full Size MC Operator go for I have seen prices online but dont know what to trust.If any of you have any good or bad things to say about this gun please tell me I dont want to get rid of my XD for something that I am not going to be satisfied with.I could wait another 6 months until I get some more funds should I do that I dont know If I can wait.

I know many people dont agree with buying $1000 dollar guns and then buying cheap ammo, but how does the MC Operator handle the Wolf. This wouldnt be what I shot in it all the time but occasionally.
Link Posted: 10/6/2007 7:25:08 PM EST
My personal opinion...save up for the Operator and keep the xd. I have an Operator and xd9 and love both.
Link Posted: 10/6/2007 7:38:23 PM EST
Link Posted: 10/7/2007 9:07:17 PM EST
keep the xd and buy the operator when you have the funds if you get rid of the xd you will regret it later down the road.
Link Posted: 10/8/2007 11:25:18 AM EST
I should have thout this through before I started this thread. I have thought about it now and I agree I should keep the XD and just wait. The waitings hard but I know I will miss the XD eventually. So I dont know when I will get the operator but I will get it. I will probably end up going ahead and getting the operator and taking the hit even though it is not the smart thing to do. When I get it I will let yall know.
Link Posted: 10/8/2007 2:16:24 PM EST
Get the Operator. I just got one, and it is an incredible pistol. You won't regret it. And I've owned 7 different 1911's over the years, and this is the best.
Link Posted: 10/9/2007 9:55:12 PM EST
[Last Edit: 10/9/2007 9:56:39 PM EST by Nakanokalronin]
I have sold certain guns to fund others and never looked back as I knew why I would not feel bad when selling them (even if they were 100% reliable) and knew what I was getting in return was something I really wanted. I recently traded in a XD SC 9mm to put towards a Kimber Ultra Carry II. No problems with the XD but I've noticed that if I have to many HGs it makes it harder to put which one to a role. If I buy a gun and it sits in the safe then its more of a collector piece and I honestly don't collect guns, I shoot them at the range or put them to a role....yea I'm one of those gun guys. I do still have my XD Tactical 9mm with a TLR-1 though which I would never sell for anything as its the best all around bump in the night gun. I would keep the XD and save up for the Operator. But its up to you weather the XD will be missed.
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