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Posted: 2/12/2005 11:35:11 AM EST
Was at a gun shop today and saw a lightweight champion that drew my attention. The frame was OD green, and the slide was black. The grips were thin black rubber. Novak night sights. This thing looked nice. I asked to see it and the man said sure. I can't believe how good this thing felt in my hand. Does anyone have any experience with one of these. For $690, I would like to hear some opinions. Thanks.
Link Posted: 2/12/2005 1:17:00 PM EST
It's a good price for that gun.....get it!
Link Posted: 2/12/2005 5:14:52 PM EST

Originally Posted By hobbs5624:
It's a good price for that gun.....get it!

Good price, but I don't like the light weight version. That's just my opionon.
Link Posted: 2/13/2005 12:31:23 AM EST
OK. Now all I have to do is wait till the end of March when I get my BONUS check, and that gun is mine.
Link Posted: 2/17/2005 4:21:16 PM EST
The Champion I owned about 8-10 years ago was a POS. I own 3 Springfields & carry their Ultra Compact so I have no axe to grind. Could be they've fixed their problems now, for all I know.

Link Posted: 3/9/2005 4:03:46 PM EST
[Last Edit: 3/9/2005 4:04:51 PM EST by cajunboy2k]

Got it!!
Love it!!
Gonna shoot it next week!!
Thanks for all the advice.
Link Posted: 3/9/2005 6:27:47 PM EST
Congratulations. I saw your post over at the 1911 forum. Good luck, and enjoy.
Link Posted: 3/10/2005 2:09:22 AM EST
Link Posted: 3/16/2005 11:58:38 AM EST
Well, I shot it today and all I can say is DAAAAAYYYYYUUUMMMM!!!!! This this is very accurate. Had only 2 failures to go into battery, but it was my grandfather who was shooting and I believe he was limp wristing it. But then again he is 85 years old. First shot it at 7yards (21feet), then at 15 yards (45 feet). It shoots POA every time. I was thinking about changing the grips, but after shooting it so well, the grips are staying put. Why mess with a good thing? I only got to shoot about 50 rounds of WWB 230grn. FMJ, then had to leave so I could take my beloved wife to work. But those 50 rounds were fantastic. Also, the mags used were the stock mags that came with the gun. I feel that this gun is the best I have ever owned. I may have to wait a few years before buying another, but it is worth it.

Link Posted: 3/18/2005 12:21:26 AM EST
Howdy, I replied to one of your posts at 1911forum or m1911 (I had the MC Op), but I meant to ask where you picked it up from? I'm also in Texas and that seems like a pretty good price.
Link Posted: 3/18/2005 5:12:16 AM EST
[Last Edit: 3/18/2005 6:32:24 AM EST by cajunboy2k]
I got it from Shooters Supply in Beaumont. I saw that MC Op, sweet!!
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