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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 7/20/2003 1:37:31 AM EST
686 - 6 shot vs 7 shot

Advantages/disadvantages of each?

Obviously, the 7 shot will provide one more round. Any disadvantages to the 7 shot revolver? Cylinder strength? Profile width? Holster availability (if profile is different).

Link Posted: 7/20/2003 2:01:58 AM EST
My main concern is availability of good speedloaders. I like those Safariland Comp III speed loaders as they are not too expensive. They don't make a 7 shot version.....at least that I know of. So unless there is a comparable 7 shot speedloader out there the 6 shooter has that going for it. I suppose one could convert it to full moon clips if there are 7 shot clips available.

Now since the cylinder moves less distance on the 7 shot per trigger pull, I wonder if trigger jobs would feel any different?

I don't believe there is any difference in the profile of either revolver.

Since the 7 shot charge holes are closer together there maybe a slight advantage in strength to the 6 shooter, but I'm not sure about that.....just seems to make sense.
Link Posted: 7/20/2003 2:14:07 AM EST
Thanks for the reply, Sheldon.

I know HKS makes a 587A speedloader for the 7 shots.

Is there a reason you like the Safariland Comp III speedloaders vs the HKS?

I'm a wheelgun newbie, so I appreciate the info!
Link Posted: 7/20/2003 2:16:21 AM EST
I have a 686 7-shot Mountain Gun.

Bought 6 HKS speedloaders with it and have no problems using them.
Link Posted: 7/20/2003 3:14:03 AM EST
If you ever shoot plate shoots the 7 shot is
the way to go. Usual set up is 5 plates so it
isn't one extra shot but twice as many misses
before you have to reload.
Some competitions will only allow six shots
or throw you into a different class (with the
preformance center 8 shot moon clip guns )
The comp III speedloarders are really in a
class of their own-way faster than standard push
and twist loaders. If you are playing a IPSIC
type game with multiple required reloads most
people find the 6 shot with the comp III faster.
On the other hand most wheel gun folks have gone
to the moon clip guns. 45acp 6shooters or 8 shot
N frames in .357
I don't coment on self defence of LE useage
as I don't feel I an qualified.
I have been around the block with this as I
started with a 6"6shot,then got a 6"7shot,also
have a snubby 6shot(2-1/2?)all s&w 685.
Basic wise ass advise is not to make a choice
but buy one of each!! NHSPORT
Link Posted: 7/20/2003 4:00:27 AM EST
[Last Edit: 7/20/2003 4:20:38 AM EST by Sheldon]
The Safariland Comp IIIs are big and easier to grasp (not so great for concealment, but great for competition and speed). They are also loaded under pressure and when aligned with the chambers actually shoot the cartridges into the chambers instead of just relying on gravity. And as previously mentioned, you don't need to use a twisting motion to to get the cartridges to release. You just align and push the speedloader into the cylinder and when the center of the speedloader contacts the center of the cylinder the speedloader spring-drives the cartridges into the cylinder. Full moonclips do seem to be the way to go now. I've thought about having my 586 converted.

Here's a place that has them with a description and pic of the Comp III.
Safariland Comp III
Link Posted: 7/20/2003 5:48:33 AM EST
7-shot. The cylinder notches on the 7-shot are offset between the chambers. On the 6-shot, they're adjacent to the chambers, leaaving a relative thin spot in the chamber wall. Mind you, I've never heard of a blowout at that spot, but...
Link Posted: 7/20/2003 5:57:57 AM EST
If you're a newbie and going to be shooting competition with the wheel gun, you may want to look into the .45acp revolvers from S&W. They are sweet shooting, and your reloads are a bit quicker as the casings are much shorter and (in my experience) don't seem to stick in the cylinders as often as .38/.357 loads do (due to expansion).

I don't know the model number...I THINK it's something like a 629 or 626 or something...
Link Posted: 7/20/2003 6:28:56 AM EST
That's the Model 625. Big N frame.
Link Posted: 7/20/2003 1:57:12 PM EST
Why would you even buy S&W any more??
Link Posted: 7/20/2003 2:21:25 PM EST

Originally Posted By 45ACP_Marine:
Why would you even buy S&W any more??

Some of us have gotten over it.
Link Posted: 7/20/2003 3:00:38 PM EST
Im over thier backstabbing sellout, the name is owned by different people now. They simply dont make anything I would consider useful. If they ever make a da/sa pistol with a frame mounted decocker that doesn't allow the hammer to slam down when pressed (I know, its not unsafe but I still cringe every time I decock my wifes beretta), then ill be the first to buy one. Untill then i'll have to stick to Sig pistols.
Link Posted: 7/20/2003 3:57:27 PM EST
Super replies - thanks, guys.

I just ordered a 6 shot - I think I'm gonna give the shop a call and see if I can get the 7 shot.
Link Posted: 7/20/2003 4:28:11 PM EST
[Last Edit: 7/20/2003 4:29:11 PM EST by cnatra]

Originally Posted By Tate:
Thanks for the reply, Sheldon.

I know HKS makes a 587A speedloader for the 7 shots.

I have a pair of these for my 3" 686 7 shot
they work fine for me
This is one of my favorite handguns, good double action trigger & excellent single action trigger
I've always been a fan of S&W K frames (have a nickel 19) but this L frame is noticebly stouter than the K frame, almost a 3/4 scale N frame, handles .357mag loads well

get the 7 shooter
Link Posted: 7/20/2003 9:28:02 PM EST

Originally Posted By Sheldon:
That's the Model 625. Big N frame.

Actually, the 625 is a .45acp caliber revolver. The .357mag is the 686 model, IIRC.
Link Posted: 7/21/2003 5:36:17 AM EST
Sheldon was replying to Tailgate's post, Bob. But thanks - I need all the help I can get! I'm a bit of a wheelgun neophyte.
Link Posted: 7/21/2003 9:30:50 PM EST

Originally Posted By Tate:
Sheldon was replying to Tailgate's post, Bob. But thanks - I need all the help I can get! I'm a bit of a wheelgun neophyte.

A good bit of reading material is Gun List newspaper. They list prices & pics for virtually any revolver ever made.

KY Imports is also a good web site for used revolvers.

Some will not admit it but when it ABSOLUTELY has to go "bang", we almost always pick up a revolver!
Link Posted: 7/23/2003 8:39:08 AM EST

Originally Posted By Lumpy196:
I have a 686 7-shot Mountain Gun.

My former girlfriend bought one as her first gun. Wish I had gotten one at the same time. Incredible shooter (the gun too ).
Link Posted: 7/25/2003 7:27:30 PM EST
I got a 7 shot 2 1/2" 686. Luv that gun.

For some odd reason, the trigg is about as smooth as a baby's bottom.

I figured ole S&W generally produces a decent wheelgun, and seems that I hit the bullseye on this one.

I got a set of Speigs in Rosewood and use a Kramer rig to carry.

Kramer uses horsehide on alot of his stuff, and I highly recommend the horseyhide for any carrygun, for obvious reasons. He makes some real cool derg collars too.

Da ReCoiL_JuNKie here-- John Wayne
Link Posted: 7/29/2003 6:14:17 PM EST
I have two 686's. Both have 6" barrels. The 6 shot has factory wood grips and the 7 shot has factory rubber. The 7 shot had a trigger job done to it and it performs quite well. I have yet to descide which I prefer. For now, I still think my favorite S&W is my model 1911.

There is, however, something to be said about the 686's...and that it that I know well that my unborn grandkids will enjoy shooting them as much as I do. Those revolvers are very tough and should have a very long life (that is unless some communist democrat does something unforgivable).
Link Posted: 7/30/2003 4:07:52 PM EST

Originally Posted By 45ACP_Marine:
Why would you even buy S&W any more??

Because they didn't sell out like Glock, Ruger, Colt and Taurus.

Oh yeah, they happen to make the best handguns out there too.
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