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Posted: 10/12/2005 9:08:20 AM EDT
Hello one and all,

Ohio went “shall issue” in April of 2004 and since that time I have carried my little Glock 26, or my Glock 19, or even my Sig 225 (all loaded with Remington Golden Saber 124+P HP’s) as my primary CCW weapon.

Even though all three of these pistols work very well, I have often desired a nice, lightweight, RELIABLE 45 auto for carry purposes.  

I’ve had a love affair with the good old 1911 for the past 20 years or so (currently own five)–  so I began my search for my new  “winter” carry pistol.

Pistol would have to be a “lightweight”, have a barrel length no shorter than 4 inches (had a bad experience with a short barreled 45 before), full size frame, and would have to be 110% RELIABLE !

After reading several positive reviews on the new S&W pistols in the 1911 format I decided to stop by the local toy store to see what was in stock.

Several S&W 1911’s were in stock that day (and all were on sale -- $100 off  ! ) and I decided on the Model 1911PD – alloy frame 45 in the “Commander” configuration.  Matte blue finish, 4 ¼” barrel, extended thumb safety and mag release, and Novak sights.   Pistol was packed in the blue plastic box, along with two “ACT” 8 rounds mags, cable lock, and etc.  

Cleaned and lubed the pistol and then off to the range.  First day I ran over 300 rounds through  this new pistol and experienced ZERO problems  !    Not one single “hick-up” from the get-go  !    I was one happy camper, to say the least.  The following day I fired another 200 rounds and again – ZERO problems  !  

Ammo consisted of 100 rounds of W-W “white box” 230 HP’s, 100 rounds of W-W “ball ammo, 100 rounds of Wolf STEEL CASE “Ball” (blasphemy  ! !) and a mix of 200 rounds of my SWC and LRN handloads.  Used an assortment of nine different mags;  Wilson (my favorite  ! ), ACT, Colt, and McCormick.  Every type of ammo was used in each of these mags, and again – ZERO problems ! !

Off-hand it was easy to hold 2 inch groups at 15 yards (I see no need to “bench” a defensive pistol) and bowling pins at 50 yards was easy to do if I did my part.  I was truly amazed on how well this pistol handled also.  I also have a steel frame Commander, and when shot side-by-side there was not really a big difference between the two.  The S&W has a “beavertail” grip safety which spreds-out the recoil and that really helps, but the only thing I really noticed was a little more muzzle flip on the alloy frame compared to the steel frame.  Believe me – ANYONE can learn to shoot an alloy-frame 45  !

Only two SMALL complaints:  grips screws work themselves loose (“blue” Loc-Tite to the rescue ! ) and I really don’t care for the full-length guide rod, but I’ll learn to live with it.  

Overall I am extremely impressed with the reliability and quality of my new pistol.  “Fit and finish” are excellent and the reliability is 110%.

1911 model, 45 caliber, light-weight, 4 ¼ inch barrel, 110% reliable . . .

just what I was looking for . . . . . .
Link Posted: 10/12/2005 11:56:30 AM EDT
I have the 5" model and I love it.  Best shooting 1911 I have every held, and the only one I didn't have to spend at least $100 bucks on just to get it to work....

When I bought mine, my dealer didn't have an alloy frame to look at, or I may have went that way.

Shoot and enjoy......
Link Posted: 10/12/2005 12:12:06 PM EDT
Link Posted: 10/12/2005 5:42:48 PM EDT
its my favorite gun to shoot  
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