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9/19/2017 7:27:10 PM
Posted: 12/28/2012 3:09:50 PM EDT
Does anybody have any experience with these:

I am trying to find a compact carry gun that has a safety and a full-sized hand grip. I like that this gun is narrow and that it has a hammer. It seems like the price is right.

Has anybody ever used one? Are the g2g?
Link Posted: 12/28/2012 4:09:19 PM EDT
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Originally Posted By benb:

I am trying to find a compact carry gun that has a safety and a full-sized hand grip. I like that this gun is narrow and that it has a hammer. It seems like the price is right.

I have a CZ semi compact that is my favorite gun. A very limited run that has a full size grip with a compact slide. I have been waiting for years for the CZ PO-2 to come to the US, but no such luck. I recently found THIS Canik stingray and just ordered one from Buds. Should be here next week. I just like the metal over the EAA's Turkish polymer framed pistols. EAA doesn't have a stellar rep anyway and I can't find a single bad thing listed about this Canik. David

Link Posted: 12/28/2012 10:34:01 PM EDT
Good looking CZ. I have heard good things. I have an EAA Witness that is a CZ clone. It's been a good gun. It's a full-sized 10mm so it's a little big to carry.
Link Posted: 1/18/2013 11:51:15 PM EDT
I seem to be one of the first people in the nation that bought one of these. I will give a review of the one I got in case anybody is wondering:

The lower receiver is almost identical to my Tanfoglio PF Witness. I hear either Sar or Tanfoglio make the receivers for several companies. EAA advertises the gun at 1.2" wide. That is part of the reason I bought it. It is actually about 1.6" wide (the widest part is the safety lever). The gun frame is 1.2", but I think my Tanfoglio is narrower because it does not have an ambi safety (unlike the Sar).

Overall, I like the gun. It seems well built and very simulair to a Tanfoglio. It comes with nicer sights than the Tanfoglio (adjustable in windage and elevation). The front sight is removable (unlike the Tanfoglio) so you can replace it with a night sight if you want.

The magazines are very similar to a Sig 226, but they are not identical. I think the Sig mags would feed, but they will not hold the slide open (I tested some). The mags rattle a little in the gun and can catch a little when getting inserted.

The trigger is decent. The single action pull feels pretty light and the double action is not bad. I bought this as a concealed-carry so I normally fire double action. This gun is not as comfortable to conceal carry as I hoped, but I can make it work until I find something better.

EAA also lists the barrel length as 3.8". I measured and it is actually only 3.6" (the same as the Tanfoglio Poly-Carry). I don't care, but it is overspec'd.

I think I would go with the Tanfoglio if I bought again because I think the mags are nicer. The better sights might make it worth it for some though. I am not disappointed.

I have not shot the gun yet, but I will give shooting impressions when I get a chance.
Link Posted: 2/15/2013 9:29:02 AM EDT

I have shot the gun and have had a little experience now. A few notes:

It shoots decent. I can hit clay pigeons at about 20 yards 80% of the time. I do not think it is quite as good as my 92FS, but it shoots good enough for self defense.

I have 2 issues with the gun:
1) The mag catch has a little too much material on it and it can get hung up on the mag when I am inserting magazines. Its not a major issue because I normally just have to try again to get it to go in. I think I could fix it with a dremel, but still not ideal.

2) I have had a few rounds that did not like to chamber when I close the slide on the first round. I normally just have to shake the slide to get it to go in. I was using UMC ammo and there were some burrs in the case so it might not have been the gun's fault.

Overall, it is decent for a $300 pistol, but if I did it again I would probally go with the CZ or the Tanfoglio.
Link Posted: 2/15/2013 11:55:29 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 2/15/2013 11:56:43 AM EDT by bugonawindshield]
Impulse-bought 5 SARs: B6P, B6Pc, K2P, ST10, K2-45. Never owned/shot a CZ or clone prior to...
Have only taken two of them to the range so far, my time has been limited.

B6P compact : 99 rounds mixed Federal and WWB, one FTF on WWB (dud primer, two attempts). Sig 228 mags fit/load/fire just-about-perfect but won't hold the slide open when empty. Takes the other SAR 9mm magazines just fine, so one could carry 13+1 and have 17-round backups.

K2-45: 28 rounds mixed S&B and WWB. Recoil is unlike any other .45 I've owned (Sig220, FNP45, USP45, P97, Sistema, Ballester-Molina, 4516, G21)...fat grip + long beavertail + full size + aluminum frame = a pleasure. ParaOrd-mfg stainless mags DO NOT FIT and I didn't feel like trying to get them to work, MecGar-mfg Paras are supposed to work without issues but I haven't found any. So far, I like it other than only having one mag for it.

In comparison (to the B6Pc), the B6P has a slightly longer grip to take 17-round mags and a longer barrel/slide. K2P has a thicker, square slide with HUGE ejection port; longer grip (17rd) with different texturing, Novak-ish sights, and a rail. Same controls in the same place.

K2 manual's front cover says it is for "K2-45ACP, K2-9mm, K2-40sw and K2-10mm. ST-10 manual's front cover says it is for "ST-10 9mm, 40sw, 45ACP and 10mm models." YES PLEASE!
Link Posted: 2/15/2013 2:26:15 PM EDT
I've got the Tanfoglio in 10mm. I love it. My Dad bought it for me and I now recommend Tanfoglio to my friends (One bought a 10 and the other a 9 and both are satisfied). The SAR looked very similar, but said it was a little narrower (which was not true). That is why I bought it.

If you like your Sarsilmaz guns and want a 10mm, then I would consider the Tanfoglio. Mine is polymer and I like it. My boss bought a steel-framed 10mm Tanfoglio and thinks it is a little on the heavy side.

I think my 10mm is my favorite gun. I just wish ammo was cheaper. It has been coming down though. It used to be $1/round, but I just bought some for $0.50/round recently. Ironically I started buying 9mm for availability. Lately I can find 10mm way easier than 9
Link Posted: 11/25/2013 6:36:26 PM EDT
Greetings All,

First post here, and trying to stick to only what I have experience with.

I purchased my K2P via Gander Mountain here in Indiana several months ago now, and I have to honestly say that for a beginner like me, I've enjoyed the firearm immensely. My range practices have 87%@10m, 84%@15m and 82%@20m so far. I have put probably 300+ rounds through the gun now, and it has displayed some traits that I personally have found useful and nice.

1-the Larger than 10 clip (16) is nice

2- site adjustment seems standard so far, and is easier than a friends S&W sites on a similar scale 9mm firearm.

3- Grip size is better for a midsize to small firearm. My hands are slightly large, and I personally find smaller firearms like the average .380 to be too small to be comfortable.

4- The safety and the chamber release are next to each other, close enough to be a nicety, far enough away to not get them confused.

5- Underbarrel Rail would allow for compact lasers and/or lights.

1- Barrel Heat - After purchasing some additional clips, I decided to try a "rapid reload & fire" scenario to see how the gun reacted. 3 Clips through the gun in right about 15-20 seconds, and while the firearm accuracy did not change, the heat dissipation from the barrel seemed to take longer than normal. I am comparing this to a similar test I performed with my Berretta PX4 .40 Storm under parallel conditions.

2- Finding a fitting hip-holster/tactical for it is proving problematic. I am going to start using the alternative scale size guns mentioned hereon though to see if I can find a better option.

3- Not a Competition Firearm. Something about the gun, for all it's comfort and feel and (so far) steadfastness, just has me not using it for competition stuff. A friend and mentor has fired the weapon as well, and while it's accuracy is stable, we are still learning the weapon to the point where we feel comfortable with it in a competition-level event.

4- I do agree with others, the gun comes with one magazine. Two would have been very nice given the necessity for these magazines in order for fluid function of the firearm.

Comparisons to others on this forum;

I have not personally had the issue with the magazines/clips mentioned earlier. The new clips work as well as the first so far, and I have so far had no problems with catches or jams (knocks on wood). I have learned to avoid certain brands of Ammunition however just for the sake of wanting to keep the gun functional longer between cleanings (not a firearms issue I realize).

I have elected to have this firearm as my "carry gun" however compared to the previously mentioned Berretta (which was used by local police authorities until recently), because it is smaller and lighter at least until I find something more fitting. If given the choice, I would definitely buy this gun again.
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