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Posted: 3/14/2005 6:24:53 PM EST
 I picked this up from TR Graham, the instructor on the dvd, a few weeks ago at a local Dallas gun show.  Locally, TR is known as the "go to" guy for any work you need done on your Glock.

  The dvd is $40, from AGI.  I haven't found nor looked for any discounted prices for this item.
The video covers the history, models, complete disassembly and reassembly, aftermarket triggers and sights, maintenance and improvements, and other aftermarket parts and assemblies.  TR also covers which parts swap between models.

 The video is very thorough in the diassembly/reassembly and maintenance.  After watching the video once, I was confident in my abilities to completely tear down and reassemble the pistol(the first time I've done more than a field strip).  TR also points out items to watch for, some suggested spare parts, and several more tips.  

 While probably not as complete or detailed as the Glock Armorer's Course, I believe this video will give pretty much anyone the knowledge and confidence to at least do a complete diasassembly of their pistol for maintenance and cleaning.

  If you're new or experienced with Glocks, I'd recommend the video.

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