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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 5/26/2003 1:54:28 PM EST
I am trying to takedown the slide on a Sig P245, the extractor is severely full of carbon (in the slide), and the firing pin is losing its 'snap'.

Unlike all the other types I have taken down, this has an odd "double spring pin" holding the firing pin block/extractor into the slide. There is a 3/32" spring pin (not a roll pin, but a coil type with a slot, do not know exact term) within a 1/8" spring pin, with the opening 180 degrees to the other.

How do you remove this?

More specifically, How do you remove this without destroying the pins?

Should I take them both out, mill a roll pin and replace them with that? (My current plan, but I can't get them out...) Or is there a solid reason for using the "double spring pin" setup?
Link Posted: 5/28/2003 3:19:56 AM EST
The pins may be removed with a set of roll pin punches, I never had a problem getting them out...the issue is getting them to stay IN. Try taking the smaller inside pin out first. They should not be re used unless absolutely necessary, anyway.

The europeans seem to like the spring-pin idea, mostly because it is less expensive and no real issue in places where people almost never actually shoot their handguns. Beretta/Italy once had almost an entire room-full of the damn things for the 92's. (They call them "clamping sleeves", but they are very similar) Both Sig and Beretta here in the US have switched to solid pins for many things, so I don't see why it could not be done.

The double arrangement is to try and prevent the pins from "walking" out under recoil, which is one of the very few gripes I have with the older Sig stamped slide construction.
Link Posted: 5/28/2003 10:06:01 AM EST
The pair wouldn't move at all with the 1/8" punch, so I started on the middle one first. I now have a broken off 3/32" punch in the middle...

(Not your fault, tried this idea between when I posted the message and last night...)

I need to get a better set of punches, it didn't break until I was half-way through, then I tapped it again, and it (punch) cracked.

I have battled many pins, but this one is new to me. Had a friend try it, he bent his 1/8" punch (cheapie) trying on the set. That is what spawned this question.

Maybe they added LocTite to the pin to keep it from sliding out??? I bought it NIB, so I know nobody else would have done that, but this pin won't move.

Time for the drill press.

And all just to clean it. *sigh*

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