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Posted: 5/19/2005 12:21:34 PM EDT
Went to the Range yesterday with my 26, 34 and 37 in tow. I was using 124 gr. FMJ 9MM Mil Spec ammo in the 26 and 34 and American Eagle 185 gr .45 GAP in the 37. At 30 yds I am usually dead on with the 34 and same with the 26 at 20 ytd. I usually try dbbl taps two chest one head for speed and accuracy drills. The 37 I thought I was still working on improving my skills. Would'nt you know it ....I shot best with the 37 by far... at the same distances.

Any input from those of you who are more seasoned ....cause I am confused. Ive been thinking of replacing my 26 with a new G38 piror to this but now I might just do it. I ran two boxes of ammo thru each pistol.
Link Posted: 5/20/2005 8:28:22 AM EDT
I went to the range the other day, only brought 9's and my G38 in 45 GAP. I did fantastic with my G38 and horrible with my G34. I seem to have trouble transitioning back and forth between calibers. The Glocks in 45 GAP are as accurate than the Glocks in 45 acp which I believe to be the most accurate Glocks. I have practically given up on my Glocks in 40 since purchasing a G37 and G38.
Link Posted: 5/20/2005 10:43:26 AM EDT
I looked at the G38 and was really tempted to buy it on the spot but I am waiting for the "Newness" to wear off a little. I was thinking about a G35 but the .40 caliber ammo doesn't do it for me. I ve got enough variety between my glocks and wheel guns. I think the .44 redhawk might need to up on the block for some expendable funds for my next Glock purchase. ALthough it's alot of fun to shoot in .44 SPL.

DO you use the 38 for CCW?. If I go that route I'll either sell the G26 or my wife can use it.
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