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Posted: 1/2/2007 7:47:26 PM EST
[Last Edit: 1/2/2007 7:59:14 PM EST by Kreutzberg]
I've had quite a few problems recently installing and moving night sights on Glocks, HKs, and now my Kahr PM9. I've marred sights and slides while still failing to move the sights at all. Since I own various types of handguns, I didn't want to buy the various meprolight tools for each gun. My search for a universal tool revealed the P500 and a couple more, both of which are considerably more expensive than the P500 (most are available at Brownells).

I got the tool today and am quite pleased with the purchase, even at $130. There is plenty of adjustability for all of my guns, and while it doesn't move the sights particularly quickly, it does it without much chance of marring them. The package includes two sizes of square ends for the pusher rod and a round one-- the large square one seems to be the best bet for the types of sights I'm using. In any case, this product will spare me some grief in the future over the istallation of night sights, and their adjustment horizontally.

Link to P500
Link Posted: 1/2/2007 11:48:30 PM EST
I'm thinking of buying this! Thanks for posting!!
Link Posted: 1/3/2007 7:53:35 AM EST
Yup, I had one for a while. Sold it cause I needed some "gun" money. It's a great tool, even pushed the sights out of my 2 Kimbers which have notoriously tight sights. I'll probably end up buying another at some point....
Link Posted: 1/3/2007 8:01:01 AM EST
I'm going to give the counterpoint argument.

I purchased a B&J Machine P500 Universal Sight Tool from Brownells about six months ago.
I had planned to use it to install night sights on a H&K USPc and a Kimber 1911.

Despite all my best tightening down and repositioning efforts, the device would not hold the slide of the USP steady, and as a result the pusher rod marred both the side of the sight and the slide. It's hard to see, and I was able to touch it up with a little cold bluing, but it doesn't make me happy.

When I tried to use the sight pusher to remove the sights on the Kimber, both the sight pushing bolt and plastic liner broke.

I've gone back to the vice, brass punch and hammer method.
I cannot recommend the P500 tool.
In comparison do have a Glockmeister sight pusher tool for my Glocks, and it works great. I have a friend who has the super-duper expensive ($600!) Meprolight Universal Sight Installation Tool, and it is a quality piece of machinery that works well also.

- Cioppino
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