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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 12/14/2003 4:26:08 PM EST
I am getting in the market for a new range/home defense handgun. I have been looking at the USP SD 9 as one of my choices because I like the adjustable sites, accepts pre ban mags, and the cool factor of the threaded barrel (just in case I ever want a silencer). Plus, I've heard nothing but good about the HK line. After all the homework I've done on the Internet (limited info and pics) and in local gun shops (they don't have any and don't know much about it) I still have not completely answered all of my questions about this particular pistol. I have only seen it on the Internet and have not had a chance to hold or shoot one yet. Below I have a few questions about the SD 9. Any input and/or opinions would be greatly appreciated. TIA.

1. What impact (accuracy/performance) does the lack of the rubber O-ring have on the USP SD 9? Is it that big of a deal?
2. Since the SD 9 trigger is not a match trigger, what type is it?
3. I do not participate in any match shooting, but I like to test my skill at the range. Does the lack of a match trigger on the SD 9 hinder its performance a great deal? How does it feel?
4. Can you send the pistol back to HK to have them install a match trigger if you want to upgrade at a later time?
5. I have checked out hkpro, and what hk-usa.com has up, among other sites dealing in HK, what are some other resources on the Net to research this gun.
Link Posted: 12/14/2003 5:28:06 PM EST
looks like your just waiting to get bitten by the 1911 bug

not sure about the specs, but I did see/hold one at the last funshow.. not too shabby

seriously, have you thought about a 1911?
Link Posted: 12/14/2003 10:58:37 PM EST
No, hes about to get bit by the Walther P22 bug. Have you thought about a P22?

Sorry, if I didn't do it, someone else would...
Link Posted: 12/14/2003 11:11:17 PM EST
Now that I feel bad for posting an incredibly sarcastic reply...and seeing that nobody has taken any time to help...here it goes.

I have a USP 40 full size. The big(ger) brother to the USP 9. Only "difference" (other than caliber) is that mine does not have the threaded barrel.

The USP is a combat handgun. It is very reliable, it is also very accurate. The USP is one of the most accurate guns out of the box in any caliber, and not having the O-ring will not make any noticeable difference. The difference between the USP .45 and the USP tac accuracy wise is negligable, so I assume it would not make a difference for the 9mm.

The barrels lock up TIGHT regardless of the O-ring. Either way, even without the o-ring, you'll still have one of the most accurate 9mm's out there anyways.

The match trigger...well, its nicer than the regular trigger, but neither are all that great. You probably wont notice a difference. Either way, dry firing will get you used to either trigger rather quickly. Its not the greatest, but it works. It took me about one magazines worth of rounds to adjust to the trigger on my .40

Regardless, its all really about training/practice. If you have to use a firearm in combat or a defensive situation, do you really think you will sit there and think about how you wish you had a better trigger? Doubt it... Same principle the glock guys go on. Its a different trigger, may not be as nice as a 1911, but you can get used to anything, and thats what counts. The USP does NOT take long to get used to at all. I really dont see why people bitch about the trigger all the time.

Either way, HK's are top-quality firearms. My .40 is equipt with a classic series 3v surefire light *I know, but its good enough for indoors, and will still blind someone* and some Gold-dot's. It is my go-to handgun, for everything. Home defense, SHTF, everything.
Link Posted: 12/17/2003 2:54:04 PM EST
The USP regular trigger is not as good single action as the match trigger wich is quite good, however both have the ultra crappy double action of all USP variants. The pistol will be an excellent choice if you can get used to the "acme brick" handle. I could not and sold my USP Tactical.
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