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Posted: 8/7/2004 8:11:47 PM EDT
I just got back from a trip to K-mart. Not even a half mile into the trip I got pulled over for a broken taillight. (Truck got hit this morning while parked...another story). I knew what it was for and I turned over my DL and Mil ID as well as my truck registration. I didn't even think about the 1911 on my hip because I'm so used to having it under my shirt. The LEO was totaly cool when he ran my name it came up that I had a permit and on his return trip he asked me If I was carying. I told him that I was leagaly carrying. I was shocked how cool he was. Since I wasn't sure if VA was a state were you had to disclose your weapon right away. Since I didn't disclose I thought I might be tasteing asphalt! After we had that covered I asked him if I had to disclose it for future refrence and he told me that It wasn't required but that Officers really like it and think of disclousure as a courtacy. Lesson learned plus I picked up some tape from K-mart to cover the light!

I guess alls well that ends well!

Link Posted: 8/8/2004 5:02:06 AM EDT
Link Posted: 8/8/2004 5:19:38 AM EDT
Link Posted: 8/14/2004 6:35:22 PM EDT
The few times I've been pulled over (hehehehehe) I always tell the officer right when I had over my DL and reg that I have a permit and a weapon in the vehicle. I've got alot of friends that are cops and they appreciate the courtacy.
Link Posted: 8/15/2004 6:15:06 AM EDT
I would go with telling them I was carrying, in Oklahoma it is required. Seems to be a prudent practice nevertheless.

BTW- What the hell were you doing shopping at K-Mart of all places!!!!!!!!!!
Link Posted: 8/16/2004 5:52:18 PM EDT

Originally Posted By Dan-357:
I would go with telling them I was carrying, in Oklahoma it is required. Seems to be a prudent practice nevertheless.

BTW- What the hell were you doing shopping at K-Mart of all places!!!!!!!!!!

Heh.... it was after all of the real stores closed and I needed some hangers. guess i should have waited.
Link Posted: 8/16/2004 8:04:50 PM EDT
Here in Florida its not required... and I dont think I would volunteer the info... but if asked I would certainly tell the truth but I think the words out of my mouth would be "I have a concealed weapons permit, and I am carrying a weapon"... making sure the FIRST words are the fact I have a permit so there is no misunderstanding about that.

And I think once i had my wallet in my hand to hand over my licence I would keep it out to be able to display the CCW permit if needed rather than "reaching".
Link Posted: 8/18/2004 7:10:08 PM EDT
It is required in Michigan that you inform the police, if stopped for any reason, right away.

I just tell ANY cop, regardless of what state I'm in, just so I stay in the habit.

I was pulled over in Indiana once, told the state trooper that I had a michigan permit, and was carrying a pistol. She asked what I had and where was it. That day I had my bulgi Makarov. When I told her this, she asked if she could see it. I asked if she wanted to take it from me, she said no, just pull it out where she could see it. I did so, unloading it the moment it was clear of the holster.

I then handed it to her. She was VERY interested in it. We talked guns for about 20 minutes, then she got a call, told me to have a nice day, and slow down a little (I was doing 80 in a 65 MPH zone. )

I keep hoping I'll run into her again some day.
Link Posted: 8/19/2004 11:44:33 AM EDT
my ccw permit goes out the window at the same time as my dl and reg. it's a little more subtle than saying "i've got a gun!"

it accomplishes 2 things:
1. lets le know i'm armed
2. lets le know i've PASSED A BACKGROUND CHECK and am therefore a certified LAW ABIDING CITIZEN.

seems most le don't really care all that much about traffic violations; they seem to care more about WHO is doing the violating.

i never used to get out of speeding tickets. since i got my ccw, i get out of MOST of them. don't even get me started on potential dui's...
Link Posted: 8/20/2004 9:29:32 PM EDT
Tell them.
You'd be suprised how cool most cops are. You're only SOL if you get the guy while he's training with his FTO. I also hand the CCW and the license at the same time, CCW on top. I try to have it out by the time he gets to the window. If not, and he aproaches the window, I mention that I have a CCW and it is on my right hip under my shirt. All while having my hands on the wheel open palmed, interior light on, and all windows rolled down, engine and radio off. Seat belt on.
If he asks you to get out of the car, let him know that you've got to reach over and unbuckle your seat belt. Once out of the car, NEVER stick your hands in your pocket, don't cross your arms, don't put your arms behind your back either. They'll usually take you to the back of your car, or have you put your hands on their bumper. Don't remove them.
If they ask you to give them your gun, draw it slowly with the muzzle pointed at the deck, bring in front of you, grasp slide with opposite hand and present it to them that way.They'll ususally want to unload it themselves.
When they first aproach the car, and you don't have your license out; await instructions after informing them that you have a CCW. If you say, "I got a gun," and start digging for your wallet, everyones asshole puckers.
Link Posted: 8/25/2004 9:13:06 AM EDT
"Officer, before I reach for my wallet I'd like to advise you as a courtesy that I am ccw holder and my pistol is holstered on my waist, can I proceed?"

A little courtesy + a small helping of ego appeasment goes a very long way.

Used that exact line on 3 occassions, all 3 times, the cops let me off w/ warnings and cited my courtest of informing them as the reason. (2 speeding, 1 registration came up bad, had paperwork showing it was kosher)

Although it is not a requirement in CT. , it seems to be a good icebreaker......
Link Posted: 8/29/2004 2:47:48 PM EDT
I wait until the officer comes to the window before I dig for anything. Usually the only movement is to roll the window down before they get there. I pull out the Carry Permit first, even though you don't have to disclose here, and hand it to them. Then everything else comes out. I am usually asked where the weapon is at and that is about it besides to do not pull it out while I am here kinda thing. One time I was asked if they could see it and I politely said no thank you, which didn't become an issue at that point. I didn't feel comfortable pulling out a loaded weapon in front of a police officer and still don't...

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