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Posted: 7/24/2013 6:14:43 PM EST
I think I got a bum part...again. I don't seem to have very good luck with grip safeties.

Anyway, my Caspian receiver was cut for the Wilson/Caspian radius by Caspian. Well, I go to finish my project finally and lay the grip safety in to see what needs to be done and notice that the radius cut on the grip safety is too tall and will leave a nice gap underneath. And it dropped in without fitting so the seams look awful to start with. It looks as if the cut is off, notice the scallop line in the cut.

Am I right or do I need to have my head examined. It is from a well known parts maker with great reviews. Opinions please before it goes back.

Link Posted: 7/25/2013 4:16:49 AM EST
There are two radius cuts...220 and .250. If the beavertail you have is a .220, it's wrong. What's the brand on the beavertail and is it sold as "drop in".
Link Posted: 7/25/2013 5:09:37 AM EST
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Originally Posted By USAF_MTL:
There are two radius cuts...220 and .250. If the beavertail you have is a .220, it's wrong. What's the brand on the beavertail and is it sold as "drop in".
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Not a drop in as it is cut specifically for the .220 Wilson radius. It is an EGW, I had heard good things about them and this was my introduction to their products
Link Posted: 7/25/2013 5:54:17 AM EST
Send the Pics to EGW they will make it right.

I got a comp from shooters connection once it was clearly unfished as it had no threads nor were all the holes machined in. Shooters connection would not exchange it but pointted me to egw to deal with it. George had no problems swaping it out for a finished one.

IMHOP if you sell me a bad part you should deal with the manuf not me on making it right.
Link Posted: 7/25/2013 5:58:38 AM EST
You've got the wrong radius 'tail...this stuff is murky between this cut and that cut and that radius, but if you're holding a .220 tail, you ordered the wrong one.

Call EGW tell them your problem and you'll get fixed right up. Its not the product, you made a very common mistake is all. I'd bet ya the tail you have in your hand is for a GI profile frame.
Link Posted: 7/25/2013 9:42:46 AM EST
I sent EGW the pics and explained the problem. I might call and see if they can exchange it for a new one instead of returning it to Brownells.
As for the radius, it is correct for a .220 Wilson/Caspian except for the cutting error. It is not a .250 Brown cut or a usgi or drop in.
The part was incorrectly made.

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Link Posted: 7/25/2013 10:32:27 AM EST
I dont get their use of wilson or brown or wilson/caspian cut, whatever, I've only ever known .220 or .250. But EGW is A+ I wouldn't be surprised at that they take care of you.
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