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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 8/22/2005 7:14:16 PM EDT
I have one built in 1968 that's been in my family since it was new. I'm considering selling it, but I have no clue what it might be worth. Any advice on how to come up with an asking price for the Equipment Exchange? A local gunsmith thought it had collectors value, but I haven't a clue.

Link Posted: 8/22/2005 8:38:15 PM EDT
I travel all over the country, and scope gun prices whereever i go.
the price on that gun would be all over the board from texas to florida, miss to chicago, and worth a small fortune here in the peoples republic of Kalif.
I can ball park it sight unseen 850.00 as an average dependant on conditon, collectability etc.
Link Posted: 8/23/2005 4:11:49 AM EDT
Estimating the value of a particular firearm tends to be, as noted above, a subjective matter, especially when considering the woeful LACK of information you have failed to provide in your post.

Is it a model 1911 or a model 1911A1?

Is it parkerized or the blued (C-series) commercial model?

Does it have plastic grip panels or the earlier checkerd walnut grips?

These are just few of the questions which come to mind at this time and are readily apparent to anyone looking at the pistol......

A local gunsmith thought it had collectors value, but I haven't a clue.

(atleast the second statement above is accurate, and yes I'm being sarcastic, which beats the heck outta being so amorphous when seeking advice, sorry for the dig, but I call 'em like I see 'em)

Why did "he" think it had collectors value?

I'm looking at my fairly recent edition of the Gun Trader's Guide book and the EX values (excellent condition, btw) run from $19,950 to $725 depending on manufacturer, model and other particulars, GD values (that's good condition) range from $13,566 to $493.

That's a rather wide range wouldn't ya say?

Wouldn't you prefer to know where your particular piece of history falls within these ranges?

Suggest ya provide more information about the pistol, otherwise you could probably get a better idea of it's value by contacting MS CLEO or the Psychic Hotline.

I don't guess at the value of firearms I consult the established publications prior to parting with them so I'm not forced to take someone else's idea of what their worth, suggest you do the same. There are plenty of folks around here that unlike myself don't have to consult publications to determine firearm values but you are highly unlikely to attract any of them with the small pittance of info you have provided, they'll just move on to the next thread.

Sometime the amount of detail and info you are willing to provide determines the amount of feedback you'll receive in return, hope mine hasn't been too harsh for ya to realize my intent.

Link Posted: 8/23/2005 5:56:36 AM EDT
Pretty harsh, but then I have thick skin.

More details:

It's a model 1911A1. I didn't realize Colt was building 1911's in 1968.

It's a blue C-series

The original grips have been replace with Pachmayr grips

The gunsmith I consulted didn't say why he thought it has collectors value. At the time I consulted with him (about 3 years ago), it was on another issue and I had no desire to sell it, so I didn't question his passing comment. He is no longer in business so I can't consult with him.

There is some very slight holster wear as this was carried on duty by my dad for about a week before he decided to go back to S&W revolvers. There is also a small scratch where the slide release goes into the frame. Aside from that, it appears in perfect condition.

What other information would be useful to guess at the value?
Link Posted: 8/23/2005 8:25:48 AM EDT
Sounds like a pretty generic Colt 1911A1 commercial...

You can check gunbroker or gunsamerica for a good ballpark...

However, if it's a family heirloom kind of thing and you're not desperate for cash, why not hang on to it and use it? You can make some changes to it without having to modify the frame or original parts (like drop in/fit a beavertail to it, maybe swap out some of the internals for a nicer trigger, etc) for relativly inexpensive and have one hell of a 1911...you should even be able to find drop-in sight replacements that give you a much nicer sight picture for it that won't require milling of the slide or anything. This way you can keep it in original condition, have a fancy gun, and if it ever become times to sell it, you can put it on the market in it's original form.

Just my $0.02

Link Posted: 8/23/2005 8:55:22 AM EDT
I've looked on gunbroker and Guns America, and there is only one comparable that I can find with a listed price of $1,500. Sounds high to me, but then that's why I'm asking.

As to the sentimental value, I have a number of other guns from my dad that have more emotional value than this one, so it's a prime candidate to sell.

Interesting notion to try to make some reversible changes. Hadn't thought of that one.

I'll probably continue to try to sell it if I can get a read on a good asking price.
Link Posted: 8/23/2005 9:12:06 AM EDT
Yah, $1500 sounds a bit high.

Betwen $800 and $1200 sounds far more reasonable to me. Probably closer to the $800 range as it doesn't have the original grips...and honestly, hundreds of thousands were made; while they're older and probably built better than some new ones, they're not exactily "rare"...

Yes, reversable changes are my current watchwords I dropped in a Wilson beavertail (that wouldn't require cutting on the frame), a Nowlin drop-in trigger job thing including hammer, sear, and disconnector, and a Wilson extended slide stop...some minor fitting to the parts and they all run just fine on a bone-stock Sistema. (I have another one that I dropped a barrel into, but I wound up swapping the barrels back out...I'll leave that one in beater condition). If I want to or need to for any reason, I can restore it to as-issued condition in a couple of minutes.

Next is to see if I can get a Wilson extended thumb safety to mate up to the new internals and whatnot. I'll be tinkering with that later.

When in doubt, make changes to the cheap parts first

Link Posted: 8/23/2005 9:38:00 AM EDT
Colt made 1911A1 (C-series) Government model in 26th edition Gun Traders Guide:

NIB = $906
EX = $725
GD = $493

Take it this is the one ya found on GA.com : www.gunsamerica.com/guns/976503265.htm

To tell ya the truth the prices listed in the Gun Traders Guide seem low to me for a 37 year old 45ACP in good shape, but then again I think the price on the link above is somewhat above the real value, as you noted above......

douglasmorris99 appears to have a working crystal ball to me, as his quote is closer to what I'd expect to pay for your 1911A1.

Hope this is some help,

ps - I'm with folks above, I'd hang on to it due the history w/ your family and the fact that IMO they just don't make guns like that at Colt any longer and never will again.
Link Posted: 8/23/2005 1:48:44 PM EDT
Link Posted: 8/23/2005 6:30:22 PM EDT
Yep, 7 or 8 is going to be about what you will get if it is very good condition. The USGI market is where the action is tho they HAVE to be in decent shape. 1911A1s made in the 60s were considered to be very well made guns, I have several to include a 38 special natl match and you will be hard pressed to find better fitted ones then from around that time. To get top dollar you HAVE to have the original box and all the stuff it came with to include the grips. ANY changes will lower the price Grips, sights, alterations, ANYTHING will lower the value.

You can start higher but you will probably sit on it for a while. OK unless you need to sell it quick.
Link Posted: 8/23/2005 9:00:22 PM EDT
Mr Wilson, thank you for the recognition., i have owned over 3 doz 1911 in 30 years and though i am down to 3 i always seek that one deal someone else over looks,,could happen.
having spent a majority of my life in the great state of Texas series 60's and 70's have been a premium for the last 10 years of so there, i have seen them in Ill for 5-600, here in san diego,,
found a les baer for 850.00 on consigment in the box, with papers, leather, mags, etc...,,,went to get the check book and it was sold in the 15 min i was gone....they wouldnt take my licence or watch or anything to hold it for 15 min..needless to say, it will be a LONG time before i darken thier doors again..
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