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Posted: 9/12/2005 3:31:04 PM EDT
Well, it's pretty sad to see one whole thread here. In all the boards I frequent, I see a ton of negative comments on Paras in general, and few good ones. I've owned a dozen or so, and never once had a malfunction. They were all modified by me, but they did not malfunction prior to modification. I can't be the only one.

I just thought I would post here for no other reason but to ramble and proclaim my liking of Paras in general. Talking to freinds at some of the local shops here in town, Paras are always good sellers, and they seem to get positive feedback from their customers. Does anyone else here have a history of having great Paras?
Link Posted: 9/12/2005 4:52:40 PM EDT
Link Posted: 9/17/2005 4:52:57 PM EDT
If it works and kepps on working why bother telling anyone about it. But, if it screws up, boy stop the presses and let the world know about it. All 5 of my Paras, work fine. The Carry 12 sites are a little small but they are useable.
Link Posted: 9/19/2005 7:57:19 PM EDT
Dude, stop spreading the gospel about how wonderful Paras are. Don't you understand, that's just going to increase the demand, reulting in a rise in prices. I'm having a hard enough time putting together the money to buy my next couple. (So far, I have a C7/45 LDA, Colonel, & Stealth Hi-Cap. I hope to add a Nite-Tac, a TAC-S, and a Nite-Hawk to the collection when I can.)
Link Posted: 9/28/2005 8:47:16 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/28/2005 8:47:57 PM EDT by GRB]
How do you like your Stealth Hi-Cap? I am considering purchasing my first Para and wanted some recommendations from you. If you could only choose (afford) one of their guns...which would you buy?
Link Posted: 9/29/2005 6:46:57 AM EDT
I have a 1993 P14-45 steel frame. It was one of the variety right after they re-shaped and slimmed the grip area (making it less angular) and I love it. I have never had any problems with it, it digested every type of ammunition I have asked of it. I wish I had kept a log, but I didn't. I basically shot it until the barrel and bushing were showing wear. Even the front strap was missing its finish in the places where my fingers were. I had a Wilson high-ride beavertail installed, dropped in a Wilson FLGR and had Novak sights installed ~1996/7. In 2002 I shipped it to Novak's for a complete workup... carry bevel pkg, reliability pkg, Kart barrel, new bushing, hand matting on the front strap, etc. and Birdsong's Black-T finish. The gun is even more amazing to shoot now than before. h,
I am planning to get a P12-45 and eventually have it worked on by Novak's crew to look like its bigger brother. I only wish Para was still offering NIB P12s in black... seems it only comes in stainless now. The only problems I have heard about with Paras was with regard to the early alloy framed models.
Link Posted: 10/1/2005 1:29:32 PM EDT
I'm a Para nut now. Recently acquired an all-blue P12 with night sights to go along with my stainless Tac Four. Now need to decide which one to add next to my collection.
Link Posted: 10/2/2005 9:50:47 PM EDT

Sorry I didn't see your post earlier.

I love all of my Paras. I don't think I could honestly pick a favorite out of them. Buy the Hi-Cap, you won't regret it. I shouldn't say that, you might regret it. Once you get the feel for the LDA trigger, you'll end up buying more. They're addictive.

Link Posted: 10/3/2005 8:20:20 PM EDT
Thanks for the info OEF_VET, I had one other question: Which ammo do you prefer to shoot through your Para and where is the best price you have found on it? Thanks again or the your help!
Link Posted: 10/4/2005 1:58:30 PM EDT
Mine are kept fed on a diet of WWB, bought exclusively at Wal-Mart. Yeah, Wal-Mart is the Evil Empire, conspiring with Communist China to overtake America one town at a time, but their prices are tough to beat.

Besides, when all of those W/M greeters lose their senior-citizen disguises and reveal to the world that they are really highly-skilled Chinese sabatouers, I'll just plug them with ammo bought at Wal-Mart.

Seriously, I would say that 98% of the ammo I've fired through them has been WWB, and the other 2% was some handloads. None of the guns has had an ammo related failure.
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