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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 12/10/2005 9:13:29 PM EST
Any now, after a LONG wait and 'years' of getting stuff little by little, my full sized LDA 18-9 has been converted over to 38 Super. My inital idea was to use a drop in barrel from Jarvis, but they did not make one for the Para nor did they make a 38 Super barrel period for the Para. I ended up buying a Barsto barrel. Actually had to email if they have/would make one as 38 Super was not listed in the Para area. They emailed back and said to use the Colt style, Para ramp and to add in the comments it would be for a LDA 9mm.

Ordered it in June, didn't arrive till October (was suppose to take 6 weeks). Hey, they make a lot of stuff, so I'm glad to have my 38 Super barrel. Local gun smith put it in and it was a 5 week wait (was hunting season, lots of people brought their stuff in). (If someone searches, it was back in 2002 or so when I first received my stainless LDA 9mm.....long time project was in the works.)

I haven't shot it yet, as it is cold out and not much time (holiday shopping takes most time). I'll try to post some pics.....

I plan on getting some 38 TJ brass to make some "warm" 38 Super rounds. I have some old 1950's or so ammo that I'm gonna chrono and see if I can duplicate it using the 38 TJ brass.

There is something about 18-20 rounds of 38 Super in a LDA full size that gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling......

(I posted this on 1911form.com also...)

Oh, this is a stainless LDA w/ the older style extrctor...not the new style.
Link Posted: 12/24/2005 1:40:05 PM EST
Well, I was FINALLY able to shoot it....though the conditons were cr@py. Raining and cold....cold enough to numb the fingers!

Feeds ball fine, no issues (Winchester). Hollow points will be an issue w/out mag tweaking. I didn't have any HP's w/me, but hand cycling earlier showed some issues.

Since it was such a bad day- tape wouldn't stick to the cardboard sinc it got wet- I had to improvise a target. Buddy found a partly blown out soda can (aka got frozen) in his rig. That became the target. At 30yds, once he figured out the trigger (LDA)...not use to it, he hit it on the 5th try. I was happy w/ plinking a propne tank at 50 yds (was already out there).

I'll have to go back when it's better and actually try a paper target.....
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