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Posted: 6/27/2002 9:12:39 AM EDT
I have a SS mag with the hard rubber base pad. How do I take this thing apart to clean it?


Dave S
Link Posted: 6/27/2002 10:05:36 AM EDT
Does it have witness holes in the side of the mag? If so, you can push the follower down about halfway, insert an awl, dowel, or other small diameter rod into a witness hole BELOW the follower between the coils of the spring, and hold the spring under tension. Then you can shake the follower out through the top, then CAREFULLY allow the spring to come out.

Getting it back together, you may use the end of a pencil to compress the spring enough to insert the awl or dowel to retain the spring, so you can re-insert the follower.

Good luck!
Link Posted: 6/27/2002 1:03:29 PM EDT
Hey Ken!!!!!

Thanks, I did what you advised and it was a piece of pumkin pie! (which I believe is better than cake, I am at work and I just got paid for breaking my mag down)

Dave S

And an earned Semper Fi back at you.('76-'86)
Link Posted: 6/27/2002 4:38:28 PM EDT
Glad I was able to help. Keep the faith, brother!.
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