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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 2/22/2006 5:05:00 PM EST
I just got a PT745B. Took it to the range today and my wife and I put 120 rounds through it.
First off, the good stuff.
Very ergonomic and comfortable to hold. I have small hands and like it's compact design. I can hold it well one or two handed. Good fit for me. It just "feels" right. Recoil feels moderate for a .45. Accuracy is dead on to point of aim at 30'. The DA trigger has a nice two stage feel and I find I can preload the trigger, focus on the site picture alignment and finish the squeeze and nail the X ring consistently. So in many ways it's ideal for me and I really like it.
Doesn't like cheap Wolf ammo. Apparently that ammo uses a harder to pop primer cap than better ammo. Four times in 100 rounds it failed to fire. But a second pull of the trigger sent the round downrange fine after that. The Glazier Hydrashock ammo I tried that I plan to use as the "home defense" load had no failures like that. I got some other brand of jhp home defense style ammo also and it wouldn't even feed! Nose of the round was too blunt. The slide just kept shoving it into the ramp where it stuck. And the feed ramp is well polished from the factory! Luckily the range master gave me my money back on that stuff. Lesson, buy good ammo with a rounded nose profile for this gun.
Last problem was one of basic physics.
My wife is only 5 foot tall and weighs 100# less that me. Personally, I like her fine that way! ;-) But this very compact .45 must be well braced when shot or a failure to feed the next round will occur. It's slide weight and length of travel seem to have been cut to a minimum for the gun to operate. No matter how she held that gun, the next round would fail to feed 90% of the time! Even with her elbows locked. No dice! That was really frustrating for her. If I held it two handed with elbows unlocked it would fail to feed about once per clip. But if I held it one or two handed with my elbow locked, it cycled perfectly. After she had a entire clip of FTF's I then cycled three clips through it tearing up the X ring with no failures. Seems her smaller body mass moves with the gun when it recoils and that doesn't leave enough kinetic energy in the slide to properly feed the next round. This is something I have read about with compact .45's, but it's my first personal experience with it.
Granted. The gun is brand new. I expect that there is a break in time of perhaps a few hundred rounds before the gun has been settled in and then shows just how well it can work. I gave it a good cleaning when we got home. I believe I'll take it the next few trips to the range myself to finish the break in and see if it works better for her after that.
For myself, it looks like it'll be just what I want. But I was hoping for a easy to hold/shoot .45 for home defense that we could both train with. Surprisingly, she didn't find the recoil objectionable. I'll let her try my Polish P64 Mak next time there and see if she likes that better. It's recoil is a bit snappy. But if the .45 didn't bother her, she may like it! It's a dead accurate little gun too and quite reliable so far.
Wish me luck with the break in of the new PT745B!
Link Posted: 2/26/2006 1:08:56 PM EST
Here's an update.
There is definately a break in period for the gun. My son and I took it to the range again today. We shot another 150 rounds of cheap Wolf Ammo through it. Only three FTF and those were in the last 50 rounds we shot and the gun was getting sooted up and dirty from the ammo we used. And we had five failures to fire as well.
This is a big improvement over the last trip with it. I am convinced the guns troubles are related to cheap ammo with hard primers. It was consistently very accurate for me and my son got proficient with it very quickly as well. It was his first time shooting it.
We cleaned it right after getting home and both of us swear the slide feels even slicker now than when we got to the range. Total of 270 rounds through it now.
So I'm quite happy with it. My son loved shooting it too. Next time I'll take some quality ammo to see just how well it can do!
Link Posted: 2/27/2006 1:26:57 PM EST
the 145 was the pinnacle of reliability for me. I sold it case heck I'm selling enarly everythin g I own, but am intrigued by the 745. tough market, I'l tell you that much. LOTS of single stack subcompacts 45's out there. Kahr, SA, Kimber, GLock.

Link Posted: 2/28/2006 11:49:51 AM EST
I picked up a 100 rnd bulk pack of Winchester .45 acp ball ammo today at WalMart. We'll see how the gun likes that later this week when I get free to go to the range again.
If you can find a PT745 at a shop to check out, do it! I have smallish hands. This thing just plain feels right when I pick it up, hold it and aim it. It's a very natural feeling gun for me. And I love the consistent accuracy I can get out of it. Accquire, preload the trigger, fire, repeat. I can send all six rounds very quickly into the bullseye or the ring beside it in about 12 seconds like that.
I'm more accurate with my P64 Mak when slow firing. That little gun is a tack driver. But with this Taurus I am faster and the white dot sights are much easier for me to use than the P64's little sights are.
Link Posted: 3/4/2006 10:19:28 AM EST
The good ammo is what this pistol needs! Wow, what a difference!
I shot the first magazine of six and put four in the bullseye at 30' with the other two right on the line between the bullseye and 9 ring. Shot up a whole box of the Winchester ammo like that and had no failures and very tight groups of shots.
Then I got out a box of the Wolf .45acp.
Three failures to feed total. A few times I had up to three failures to fire in one mag of ammo! This stuff does have harder to pop primer caps than the Winchester ammo does. Groupings were less tight too.
I still have a box of 500 rounds of Wolf. I plan to leave it in the locker. Perhaps the next .45 I get will eat it better. (My next .45 will be a Rock Island 1911.) In the meanwhile I'll get Winchester's .45 ball ammo at Wal Mart as that is the best bargain on it I can find out there.
This is a great pistol if you feed it well!
Link Posted: 3/4/2006 1:18:49 PM EST
My PT-145 will eat WWB all day, hasn't had a single failure after about 500 of Winchester. It also did fine with a couple of hundred rounds of Remington UMC. I carry the PT-145 with JHPs and after several hundred rounds of them it didn't have any failures either, no problems feeding.

I like Wolf 7.62x39. Never have tried the handgun ammo but I have seen others have similar problems with those calibers. I get most of my 9mm and .45 from Walmart (WWB) or Georgia Arms at our local shows.

I looked at the 745 but decided to go with the 145 due to the 10 round magazine and because the 145 is slightly wider and a little heavier it felt better in my hand.

Your girlfriend would probably have better results with a PT-111. My dad has one and it is very tame, also holds 12+1 of 9mm and is about the same size and weight of the 745. Probably a better option for someone her size.

You can't beat what you get for the price, mine was $279+tax.

After she had a entire clip of FTF's I then cycled three clips through it tearing up the X ring with no failures.

Just a little friendly advice, they are magazines, not clips.

Good luck, sounds like you have it under control with the Wolf ammoproblem and the GF's limpwristing issues.
Link Posted: 3/4/2006 3:23:58 PM EST
Yeah, you're right, they're magazines.
I screwed that up.
And she's been my wife for 25 years now. The girlfriend stuff was back in the early 80's.
It's not her limp wrist, but her small body. I watched her shoot it with her elbow locked and wrist supported well. She had a good stance! But the physics were against her.
But the gun's well broken in now and runs like a champ on that Winchester ammo. So I'll see how it works for her next time out with that ammo.
I have a P64 that eats Wolf pistol ammo like candy and is nearly tack-driver accurate. But it has a very heavy main spring and puts more "omph" into the firing pin than the Taurus does. I have shot a couple thousand rounds of Wolf 7.62x39 rifle ammo with no failures at all in my SKS and AKM.
Out at the gunshop I go to the Wolf ammo is generally looked down upon my folks who shoot .45 and especially .40 S&W auto pistols. I was there once and saw a guy return a whole case of .40 with a long littany of how it screwed up in his gun at the range that day!
I really like the wallop a .45 packs from a home defense standpoint. So I'm hoping it'll work for her next time out. If not, I'll just have to let her train with my little P64 Mak. Not as much punch to it compared to a .45. But easy to shoot well and very reliable.
I was enjoying the heck out of this Taurus today. Rapid firing all six shots and everything within the nine ring & better! Slow fire it and nail the bullseye mostly four out of six. (Shooting at 30'.) I worked with it at 17 yds to see how I could do. Some bullseyes, but I wasn't as consistent. But everything was within the 8 ring & better. Very satisfying to shoot at that 30' target!
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