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Posted: 2/12/2002 3:04:45 PM EDT
Hi all!
I just got a P228...love it, but the cost of hicaps is pretty awful. I'm not one to cut corners unnecessarily, and I WON'T do it if I can prove to myself that my solution is measurably inferior. (disclaimer added so everyone won't think I'm a cheap bastard right off the bat)

I bought a ProMag 13rd mag...fits my 228 just fine. I examined my 10rd mags that came with my SIG, and decided to try an experiment. The main thing I don't trust about an aftermarket mag is the spring and follower, as in my experience they are the things that cause the most trouble...crappy springs and mismolded followers are the bane of aftermarket mags.

Lo and behold, the spring and follower of a 10rd 228 mag are identical to a 13rd LE mag. I made the old switcheroo, and just hand-cycled 26 rounds through the mag without a bobble. I'll test fire and report back.

Anyone ever tried this?

Link Posted: 2/13/2002 12:51:12 AM EDT
Nope, never tried it, if I really want "many" bullets I slap in a 226 hi-cap mag in my 228. But then again, uptill now we don't have this hi-cap preban and LE-only problem overhere. But this might change, there's a new gunlegislation comming up.
On the aftermarkets, I either by factory made mags or MecGar. But as I've heard MecGar is now producing "factory"mags for SIGArms.

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