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11/20/2019 5:07:11 PM
Posted: 10/28/2004 2:11:39 PM EST
My dealer has the SiG P220 (item P220-45A) on sale for $679.99, thru Davidson's.

I'll still get hit for shipping and sales tax.

Do you think this is a GOOD buy or what?

I have many different firearms priorities, but one of them is getting a SiG.

Thanks fellas
Link Posted: 10/28/2004 2:23:05 PM EST
Is this a P220 or P220ST? Bachman sells the ST version for just over 600, so 675 would be reasonable for a local dealer price.
Link Posted: 10/28/2004 2:30:53 PM EST
It's a standard P220...

Blue/Black finish, 7 rd mag

Link Posted: 10/28/2004 3:21:15 PM EST
Get the Stainless, it's heavy but a lot nicer!
Link Posted: 10/28/2004 4:36:06 PM EST
No not a good deal at all..would even be a little higher than I'd pay for a P220ST. SHop around man.

Link Posted: 10/28/2004 4:52:29 PM EST
Ok, thanks for the input guys. I'll pass on this one.
Link Posted: 10/28/2004 6:50:13 PM EST
[Last Edit: 10/28/2004 6:50:25 PM EST by underdog75]
220's are freakin tanks! find a used one in the 450$ range and be all the happier....Udog
Link Posted: 10/29/2004 2:44:29 PM EST
Link Posted: 10/30/2004 8:07:38 AM EST
he P220ST I picked up came with 8 rounds mags. Also, the $679, that's the price for the P220 Stainless. the blued version seems to be cheaper than that.
Link Posted: 10/30/2004 8:19:17 AM EST
[Last Edit: 10/30/2004 8:20:01 AM EST by Evil_V]
Just so you know I just got a NIB P220ST from Bachman last week for 605 shipped to my FFL. You might want to give them a call if you're really in the market for a Sig. They have the best prices I've ever found on NIB Sigs.

Edit mine came with 2- 8rd mags.
Link Posted: 10/30/2004 8:21:09 AM EST
Get a 220R! The days of pistols coming without rails are soon to be over.
Link Posted: 10/30/2004 8:24:43 AM EST
[Last Edit: 10/30/2004 8:25:09 AM EST by FALARAK]

Here in DFW. P220ST, with rail, with 3 mags! $649.00

Link Posted: 10/30/2004 8:29:04 AM EST
Not really interested in a stainless finish...

I agree though about the rails becomming an "Industry Standard Item"

FALARAK: How is SportingArms to do business with? I'm on the road for weeks, will they let me buy one online, then show up sometime next month to claim my prize?
Link Posted: 10/30/2004 8:33:13 AM EST
I think so.... so their website says. I just ordered a Remington 700PSS from them.... they had the best price I could find. They are a small shop, run outa their house I think. Seemed nice enough, and I know lots of people who have gotten their PSS's from them.

If you can hold out till a gunshow.... Bachman has great prices and good selection.
Link Posted: 10/30/2004 8:39:41 AM EST
Copy that about Bachman.

I keep stopping in there when I'm off the road, they have a standard M1A with the Synthetic stock...

[Darth Vader] I want that ship SPRINGFIELD!!
Link Posted: 11/2/2004 9:33:38 AM EST
What is the website or phone number for Bachman's ? Please help.
Link Posted: 11/2/2004 12:11:01 PM EST
Phone: (214) 351-3628

Dont have a website that I know of. I just called them.
Link Posted: 11/3/2004 3:46:07 AM EST
Thanks very much for the information.
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