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Posted: 9/16/2004 4:01:35 AM EDT
This isn't much of a range report but at least I did go. I took my Glock 21, Bersa Thunder 45, and 44 Special S&W M296 . All shooting was done at 10 yards.

The reason I took the G21 was to show one of the range employees that it is possible to carry a G21 under a T-shirt. How can you do this? Use Ken L. Null's UNS holster (sales pitch). No malfis but I didn't shoot this pistol that well. It is probably too soon after the stent (last Thursday). My impression is the G21 is still a good solid performer but I was just off today. All hits were within a pie plate.

The Bersa Thunder 45 continues to amaze me. I shoot it better than I do a Glock and I admit the fact that I like Glocks. This $250 handgun groups well and has a great trigger and sights. My friend, Danny Murphy, was there and he also shot it well. I let another guy try it but he was into snob appeal. Sadly, my Bersa didn't cost what his Colt did but it will out shoot it:D

Last one out of the box was the M296. I had a person I trust do some 200gr hollow points for it. The M296 that I call "Thumper" now wears Farrar Grips and they definitely dampen the recoil with this 18.5 OZ revolver. Again all hits were closely grouped and about 4" which isn't bad for me from a standing position and still recuperating. If I were a BG I wouldn't stand in front of it.

Sorry this report isn't more in depth.


Link Posted: 9/16/2004 4:25:22 AM EDT
Hey Richard cool report. I'm new here, about 4 days now but it's cool to read other people's experiences. I hope there are more coming in the future. There's no one here I can talk to about going to the range and shooting. Thanx for the range report, even if you thought it wasn't much. It was still cool. Keep 'em coming.

Link Posted: 9/16/2004 6:10:36 AM EDT
Interesting to hear your report on the Bersa. I have eyed them in the gun shop, but I have always been leary because, while I don't like to spend money for the sake of doing it, I do think you get what you pay for. I might need to take a closer look at one. How long have you had it? Any reliability issues?
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