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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 6/27/2003 7:56:05 AM EST
Put my down payment down on an HK USP Fullsize 45 (w/night sights) @ Turners yesterday and am excited about finally owning an HK. Couple of Questions:

#1. - Best place to buy Factory mags - currently in-stock? (cdnn, which I usually buy my mags from is out-of-stock)

#2. - Recommended defensive round (brand, type, grain) that cycles well in the USP?

#3. - Accessories recommendations? I'm planning on getting a Fobus holster (I like them for my other guns) & mag pouches. Would like to get a tactical light for it too, so any feedback would be appreciated.

Other comments?

F.A.S. Out
Link Posted: 6/27/2003 10:25:35 AM EST
[Last Edit: 6/27/2003 10:26:24 AM EST by Dredd308]
#1 Was the shop you bought the gun from too high? HK mags are not cheap.

#2 Anything but wolf
In a 5 inch barrel you can use 230gr rounds.
Federal Hydra-shoks are a proven winner.

I've been trying the new all copper Taurus rounds in my 45 compact. I like them, light recoil, accuate.

#3 I have a Fobus for my compact, and like it alot.
I have the HK UTL light. It works very well, and I've had no problems.
If you want to carry with the light, you should check with www.blade-tech.com
Link Posted: 6/27/2003 1:33:00 PM EST
Great choice of hand gun, I have a USP Tactical with a UTL. I love it and like Dredd308 do not use WOLF. It is crapp!!!Check out HKPRO.com for more on HK questions.

have fun
Link Posted: 6/28/2003 5:24:19 AM EST
This place sells mags. I've never dealt with them, but their prices seem about the average.

Link Posted: 6/29/2003 6:03:52 PM EST
Good gun, will shoot about anything you feed it.
I once didn't clean mine for 10-15 boxes (lost count) till it was so dirty I was embarrassed.
But gun shot better as it got dirtier.
Gunbroker.com or auctionarms.com, or even Ebay, will be where you can find mags.
Forget the high cap ones, buy the 10 round ones. If the AWB dies next year, the mags will be back.
Otherwise, the 10's work well.
Link Posted: 6/29/2003 6:39:16 PM EST
#1. cdnninvestments.com has factory USP45F mags for 39.99 which is about as good a price as you will find. They also have Promags for 14.99. The Promags make good range mags.
#2. I use Remington Golden Saber 185grn +p and Federal 230grn Hydroshock. In my experience everything feeds well in a USP45. I am going on 6000 rounds through mine without a single hitch. Just about every type of ammo(including Wolf), Promag and factory magazines I have never had a problem of any kind.
I do suggest getting the Wolf replacement springs for the magazines. I did right away, and that may have contributed to the good run I have had with this handgun. The UTL is a great accessory, as well as the night sights(which you allready have).
Right now my main range ammo is PMC and Fiocci 230grn ball, and Fed 230 Hydroshocks for carry and defence. They shoot the most consistently for me.
Link Posted: 6/30/2003 2:38:08 PM EST
arizona gun runners has them in stock for $42.00 a H&K factory mag, here is the link,
Link Posted: 7/1/2003 8:46:12 AM EST
As far as acessories go...

The Hogue handall is nice to have and cheap to buy.

And I have a Surefire Nitrolon light, which is good for home defense.

As far as ammo goes:

Firearms Tactical Institute shows pretty good test results for the 230gr Hydra-shok with a 3.8inch barrel:


Although in theory other 230gr JHP's should give similiar results.

Personally I've got 230gr Winchester JHPs loaded. Not that I've ever used them anywhere but the range. But its what I've got.

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