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Posted: 12/28/2002 8:19:21 AM EDT
Heres the deal.  My wife has basically confiscated my Browning buckmark to keep for herself.  I therefore find myself in need of a new .22lr pistol.  I am currently considering either another buckmark, or a Ruger .22/45.  Now before someone mentions the standard configuration Mark IIs let me say that I carry a 1991A1 as a duty weapon and bought the Buckmark cause all the controls are in the right place.  My understanding is that they are on the .22/45 as well.  How does this weapon compare, sites, trigger, feel, etc. to the buckmark? Polymer does not bother me, heck, I just bought a polymer AR lower.
Link Posted: 12/30/2002 9:58:58 AM EDT
I have both the Ruger MKII and the Browning.  I've detailed this info many times elsewhere on this board so I'll give you the condensed version.  (Hint: Search for this topic, it comes up every few months)

My Ruger has somewhere in the vicinity of 25k rounds through it.  My browning has about 15k.

My Ruger is still as tight as the day I bought it.  The slide stop on my Browning is getting loose (aluminum frame hole elongating).  The glue-on (stake on?) finger tabs on the controls have been reglued.  

I think my Ruger is going to last longer.

They both shoot about the same:  Very well.  If anything the trigger on the Browning is very slightly better.

YMMV, but these have been my observations.

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